Feeding Event Suggestions

Soooo I hear a lot of complaints about feeding event and some people want to combine it with breeding and all this other jazz. Here’s my suggestion, I haven’t read all the threads and every comment on the event so please link one of those ASAP if you have seen this suggestion before

I personally think feeding should be removed as a week event and changed to an overall season event. Just Make the feeding event like another page you can look at throughout the whole season with obviously like 5x the requirements to complete 5x bigger achievements for 5x larger rewards. Then there would be no issue with this event at all. If you one of you more popular forum posters gets on here and thinks this is a good and not repeated idea please @ the appropriate pg staff

Please note this is just a broad idea


LOL I still find this really interesting, something like the egg token bonus branch. If I get it right, players would get prizes during the whole season by feeding their dragons and nobody would keep them starving. I still like it.

Thanks for reposting in fixed thread


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He really did, changed the other one to off topic and recreated the same exact topic.

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And maybe you could get sigils instead of the egg token bonus or the evolution stones, to replace those you normally get through feeding event. Nice!

I don’t understand how I’m the troll when you guys just come on threads and talk about stuff nothing related to the thread

That would be the ideal plan but it’s just the latest on a long list of suggestions for pg :man_shrugging:t3: Oh well

Don’t you dare to mention the evolution stones, unless you want to set on fire this forum. :sweat_smile:


I like the feeding event. It is like a free fortification event. Free meaning speedups are not required. I generally do just as well in that event as my best fort events.

In your previous thread, you were given several clear answers as to why your suggestion is a bad one.

  1. It would utterly trash the food economy since players would waste their food on perch dragons in order to earn points. Anyone trying to actually level their dragons would have an incredibly hard time doing so.
  2. You were told that in order to enjoy the game more fully, you should not be waiting for a feeding event to feed your dragons whenever they are ready to train so you are not crippling your attack power.

You got hostile and thought people were attacking you when they were only speaking from experience and trying to offer suggestions on how you can better enjoy the game.


And I didn’t even say it was a “bad idea”, I just wanted them to think of the big picture a little.

Gonna crawl back into my hole an pout now, my cupcake feelings have been hurt.



@PGCrisis if you wouldn’t mind closing this thread I’m going to just delete it and move it from suggestions once again and not post anything ever again to this jaded stuck up jerk laden forum ever again