Feeding events makes tier dragon useless

i started playing fall 2016 and i used to breed dragons and used them for events and regular hits. i was very happy with the tier dragons i have/
after some time feeding events started and ever since i would stop leveling dragons once they reached breeding level. and that means that all the tier dragon i got since then was just to do 2 events breeding and feeding and that’s a shame because i really think its a miss not being able to enjoy those great tier dragons.
so my suggestion is to stop with the feeding events

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You realise feeding is usually once per season, at most twice right?

Besides it’s your choice not to level it. Plenty of people level their good lineage dragons (like me!).


This very much. I think it’s a silly choice to not feed any dragons outside of feeding events, there are more than enough useless back-breeds you can use for that. I feed all my combat capable dragons whenever they can level, and still have more dragons to feed than I can gather food for in an event (about 10M food worth at level 85, or 25x a full storage).


I level my dragons past breeding for that very reason I want to use them. For feeding events I level up my older no-longer useful tier dragons (I got them xp during the time in between feeding events), and some of my breeders like the rares and some epics, and a little bit of perch for the remaining food I have and I have no problems with feeding.


I’m levelling apophet and he is past breedable level. I haven’t bothered with the others so far because I didn’t find them very useful (still working through saph and just started garnet). I also have some divines which I find less useful so I just stack xp on them for feeding events as they eat more anyway.

I agree, it makes no sense to starve good dragons just for an event that comes along every two months or so. Makes the game less enjoyable.

One can get lots of points from feeding the perched dragons every 20 minutes or so. :tulip:

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If you starve all your dragons, it is almost impossible to get them all fed anyway. Level up the useful dragons, and starve the garbage. No event requires you to be stupid.


i agree that feeding events is not so common and you can still get a good score without starving every dragon. but it depends on a level of players if you are high level its easier since every level is more food and if i want to do around 1.3M points in the event i have to save a lot of xp. so its different for everyone

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Yup. Our priorities are different. :slightly_smiling_face:

Our leadership has always been about the members first. Means strong dragons. :tulip:

It’s quite doable at low level too. Last feeding I was just over level 70 and had enough dragons prepped to burn nearly 10M food. That required some prep by getting a whole bunch of blue and orange elites enough XP for expert. In the end I only got to 600k points because there was simply not enough food I could raid at my level, not because I ran out of dragons.

The problem has absolutely nothing to do with the Feeding event …that event and the behaviors that players choose to do around it are merely symptoms of the actual issue… which is a lot of worthless tier dragons. There are a lot of useless seasonal dragons, too, but at least we can choose to not get them.

Take away the feeding event and you will still have utterly worthless tier dragons that beyond some desire to collect them, will still have no worth other than breeding. True, some aren’t even of value for breeding, but again, it’s the players behavioral choice to breed them anyway if they want to use them to get points for feeding…or for that matter breeding.

I am by no means arguing for or against the feeding event, but the premise of the original post misses the causational flow…


Should be twice this Summer. Feeding is every 9 or 10 weeks depending on which event it lands on.

The next should land on either the 9th May or 16th May.

Forgive the snipping tool attempt at writing…

The last time we had 2 feeding events in 1 season was Summer 2017.

edit: link to the event history on WD geeks. https://www.wdgeeks.info/event-history


also this…

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Let’s wait for holiday, such as Thanksgiving…
Probably PG will match the event with such holiday…


I used to feed dragons which I used a lot to the highest possible level. And training the others if I have time… (unlike blue and below. The waiting time for training those is too long. I wish PG has some runes to allow instant / very short healing if no damages, since IF is too precious for training unused dragons)

For what it’s worth, PG said on the stream where they discussed the retiring of events and plans for new events that Feeding is to be a once per season event.

This upsets me. I knew about the retiring of events. I didn’t know about the feeding moving to once per season. It’s bad enough how infrequent it is. I say stick to the current method or remove it. (but that’s a topic for numerous other threads)

This is why an official calendar of future events would be handy - but again, another thread.

I don’t feel safe around you. I can feel your POG portrait trying to get me :eyes:


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