Feeding frenzy deleted?


Can anyone confirm or deny that feeding event will no longer be an event?


It’s just speculation; there’s been no official announcement.


We just had it… too early to speculate cmon


Just tag @PGChocolate or @PGRocket so they can not respond here either :man_shrugging:


Alright I had heard rumor so I was curious to know if anyone knew it was true or not


It depends on the data regarding how much was spent during feed vs during other events. Duh.


Do they even work here anymore? They were in the forum for like a whole day. :rofl:


:thinking: good question.

Maybe they sent them to work on that other game… :man_shrugging:


I sure hope they didn’t actually care about players. That’s the fast track to leaving the company.


Not sure they’d even get hired if they had that kind of attitude.


Hey folks, please try to keep the conversation constructive. If an event is going to be cancelled we will make an announcement post.


Not looking to know if its cancelled rumor was it was being removed entirely as an event


You’re like the only person that talks to us anymore. And that’s after you said you’d be here less. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Arelyna is on holiday, along with a lot of other PG staff. I’m just trying to keep dialogue open during the skeleton crew times that are the holidays. There will be a lot more conversation once more people are in the office regularly.


Oh ok. I was wondering where she was, and Crisis has been fairly quiet, too. I like being able to talk directly to you guys. It would be nice if Chocolate and Rocket were more active here.


Crisis is extremely busy right now, unfortunately. Rocket is OOO and Chocolate has been extremely busy with the reduced staffing we have over the holidays. Everyone is pulling double duty right now, so it makes making time to post on the forum harder.

That’s why all my posting is after hours.


Probably good to make a forum thread that you’re on holiday. Folks will give some leeway in response times. And then close it before the heckling begins lol.


With so few outward facing staff, it would be a good idea to let the community know when they’re on minimal staffing. Even where I work, on production, we have to keep up a certain level, even during holidays, etc - or explain to customers why the turn time is so reduced.


Well thanks for all that info. And thanks for chilling with us until they get back.


Thank you for doing what you can.