Feeding is Flying Away

Greetings, Dragon Lords!

Ever since we ran Feeding a few weeks back, we’ve heard an overwhelmingly large call to change or remove the event. We’ve taken a critical look at our events roster in the current rotation, and Feeding consistently arises as a major pain point for many players. For this reason, we’ve decided to remove the Feeding event from the weekly rotation, and weeks where Feeding would run will now be replaced by a PVP event.

There’s a few reasons for this decision that we believe will justify a better play experience for all Dragon Lords. First and foremost, the event promoted bad habits. Intentionally stalling the growth of Dragons by waiting for a Feeding event to come around was a great way for many players to feel rightfully upset about having to “hold back” on their progression. Players should always feel empowered to progress in the game at a pace that’s right for them - it’s one thing to hold out on building that new Ice Flak until Fort (since it runs much more frequently), but it’s another to prevent Dragons from becoming breedable or increasing overall attack power until Feeding. Without these powerful Dragons to naturally progress to higher levels, the entire game goes into imbalance, and it can be incredibly difficult to feel powerful or impactful in competitive runs.

Secondly, the event simply wasn’t as rewarding as we wanted it to feel for players that participated in Feeding. There were very few things to truly do during a Feeding event: feed Dragons on the perch, feed Dragons on the roster, and feed Dragons that were saving up to be fed for the event. Once those actions were cleared out, the rest was up to resource hunting and XP grinding. It’s certainly not as popular of an event as Fort, Breeding, or PVP events like Temple Raid, and without the satisfaction of participating, it left much to be desired.

As we say farewell to Feeding, we’ll continue iterating on the pool of weekly events to ensure each one is fun, engaging, and impactful to every player’s growth. As always, we’ll be sure to announce more news on events as we have it. See you in the skies, Dragon Lords!


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