Feeding next event?


My game was glitching…

Who all is prepared for feeding? Does anyone think it makes more sense to have breeding first then feeding?
Personally I don’t like the idea of a food shortage right after a wood shortage.but it is what it is.


Hasn’t it been announced in game?


Considering they sent out an in game message saying the same thing and it was announced as feeding yesterday there might be a small chance its feeding.


Hmm let me go check again, sometimes my game boggs.

Edit: yep I have it in game now.
Anyways I changed OP to a different topic


It has.


Ehh, if a resource is plentiful, then it’s pointless to even exist.

Food is too available now. So feeding seems about right.


I’m fine with feeding and have food for it. Prefer if they have a pvp after then breeding, but should be ready either way.


Yeah I think it’s Feeding > Breeding > PVP


Funny how feeding is officially called as training. I guess to cover the xp part.


I hope they make it XP with no dragon heal times like Red suggested.


That is a request for a return of a previous event that has already been run. And PG has been pretty silent on it.


As they have been on every suggestion that is logical and might make the player experience better. :man_shrugging:


Lol, nobody “has food” for feeding. Storage huts don’t hold 40 million food.

I guess you could have that in food packs if you spend money like water and make terrible decisions on when to open gold chests, but otherwise this is a mindless grinding event for everyone, no matter what you saved up.


Fort is more relaxed than feeding. By Sunday and Monday people run out of timers or want to stop from overleveling so rss become available. Not so with feeding; food remains scarce all the way through…
I’m hoping that since it hasn’t been so long since last feed that people will eventually run out of dragons to feed but not holding my breath…


Seems that you’ve underestimated feeding.

People will have no dragon to level up, but not with dragon to feed.

p.s. Some of my dragons haven’t been fed during last feeding :sob:


I’m sad that it’s probably going to be a breeding event right after feeding. I don’t know if I’ll be able to breed multiple dragons if I can’t feed my baby :cry:


Unless you’re going further than the 6mil achieve, you can afford to feed a dragon to breedable status outside of feeding than just feed it from breedable to expert during feeding.


I’m not sure how that’s relevant to there being no food available. I never wait for feeding events to feed my dragons.


Nope. Stopped spending last May until about a month ago forked out for a special package that was worth my while. Didn’t pay attention to how, when, or where they came from. Quite possibly left over from pre-May. Don’t care, they’re
there so might as well use them. Also, been playing long enough to know when to open Gold chests.

Have a Nice Day!


So it looks like the majority hates feeding like me. I know at my level I hate feeding because I have to rely on teammates to feed my dragons so I can get a decent score. Which takes away from my teams highest levels. The only way I can get food from team is if some of them stop feeding thisr dragons to help the team.

An XP event would be nice to say the least but I know there are many issues like game balance that need to be addressed first but I’ll take what I can get when I can get it.