Feeding next event?


Feeding event is mindless and boring but it’s easy sigils. Most players above 200 should have a bunch of drags they left at breedable in their den (with Mechengg as the exception who apparently experts every dragon), and even if you don’t have a dozen old drags you can level over the next week, you get points off feeding the perch. Almost every player is capable of getting the 450 sigil prize.


How about level 100 and under? Do you think they can easily get 450 sigil prize?
I don’t think I got there last time but I was only 60 but I’m 85 now and I got 1.5m points on fort so maybe?


I wouldn’t say easily but it’s certainly doable. I’ve forgotten some benchmarks from when I was at lower levels but I think I was probably around 100 or so the first time I hit 450 sigils in feeding.


Having the dragons to train is not the problem. Farming the food is: time consuming and frustrating…


Woo-hoo the feed-the-perch event has arrived.



At least you guys can actually reach 450 sigil mark… even though it is the first day I’m down to my last dragon to feed and only at 722k points. I’m level 102 and it looks like I won’t make it this event due to my level. Perch only requires 18.7k food X 4 every refill so it’s not like that is generating a ton of points.


You can feed your perch more often than that.


You can typically feed a perch every 18 to 20 minutes if your farms are producing food fast enough. Plus once a day you can pull the dragon off the perch and immediately reassign it to sink even more food into the perch for additional points.


Wish I have enough food for that…


Yeah but at 7k points for a full bar will that even put a dent in the points needed ? I’m plugging away but it feels like a black hole of an event.


You can feed your perch at 94.9%
This means that instead of 16 feeds per day for a total of 300k food you can feed it up to 72 times for up to a total usage of 1.3M food.

See how much more effective it is? Yes it’s quite a bit more work, but it is possible

I actually hatched AA late (banked XP for expert already) and still have several levels left on Rhyo since I did two huge level ups recently going from 242 to 305 so raised a ton of den caps. Still catching up on it so i’m OK this feeding event :slight_smile:

Going forward though with only doing max 1 den upgrade per event it will be tough for sure


You aren’t wrong there… Which is precisely why a number of players hate it, even though you can get fairly good points for feeding higher level perches.


I’m level 85 and I’m feeding my dragon 20k x4 on intitial first feed so 80k food

  • 19.89k every 20m.
    That’s 3x an hour or 72x a day.

1,440,000 food/day or 140,000 points/day or 720,000 points/5d

With 4d left I can make 550k more points just feeding my perch if I feed every 20m.
In addition I can reassign my dragon to my perch each day adding an additional 160k food spent or ** +16k points from reassigning dragon to perch each day**

  1. The event lasted for 5d 4h.
  2. Don’t you sleep? :thinking:

Accepting food donation…
Need to expert Kelvin and Vulcan before next Temple raid…


An expert Kelvin I can understand. At least Kelvin is good at running XP bases. But an EXPERT VULCAN? Has anyone (other than Mech, obviously :smile:) ever bothered with such a thing? Vulcan stands out vividly in my memory as one of the most useless, helpless dragons that I ever had to struggle to get breedable. And I finished with Platinum almost a year ago …


Mine is and he still sucks


Yeah I’ll pass on that every 20 minute thing but it’s good to know. I’ll just be done with event after training this last dragon and forego the 450 sigil mark it’s not that big of a deal.


You ruin my chance to expert that guy too for more event points…

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