Fera for Jaalkan?

I have this little dilemma about Jaalkan… This is my current setup:

I know rage is the most important thing for Jaalkan but the more I fly him, the more I’m convinced that 24% from Xandra + 28% from runes and glyphs + boost from passive skill is not that much needed. Wouldn’t it make more sense to swap 14% rage from Xandra for 4% atk + 1 ammo + Mend from Fera? Does anyone have experience flying Fera on Jaalkan? That would require spending rubies to change gear, which I don’t want to do hastily… :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you feel that you can survive with less rage, it’s worth trying.


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I personally don’t have Xandra so my Jaalkan doesn’t have that level of rage boost. I was Atk heavy on my tuning and only tweaked it a bit to add some extra rage. This is my personal flying style and, if I had Xandra, I wouldn’t have any rage runes yet. Just my experience in case it helps you make your decision.

Bottom line with any dragon is: equip runes and bind riders based on your individual flying style then be prepared to fine tune as you develop with the dragon.


I believe mend is bad on Jaalkan as it costs 1 rage for 23% healing. Both call of freedom and justice can oneshot 1-3 towers and heal 15-20% while the cost is at 0.5 rage. So better spend your rage on those or use freeze more often.
If the 4% attack and 1 ammo is enough of a reason for you to swap Xandra then sure, do it. Personally, I wouldn‘t want to trade the extra rage for that though


My dad and two of my cousins use marabelle on jk as their xandras are preoccupied elsewhere. :joy:

If you have a mythic rage rune with secondary 3% attack, that would help more instead of the legendary rune of Counterstrike

I have Xandra and used her at least on Jaalkan. Now I’m using Fera on him. BUT I use the exotic gear as well. I really like the combination. However other player prefer other styles of flying. It depends on your own style.

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First of all, thank you all for the answers :wink:

I do. But I also have Mythic Hunter Atk Ammo with +6% atk/+2 ammo and Mythic Rage Rune with +1 ammo. If I’ll switch the leg rune to that rage/ammo and Xandra → Fera, I would end up with the same atk as now, -3,5% rage (which I believe is nothing), +2 ammo and Mend… That sounds not bad actually. On the other hand… I’m still not sure if I need so much rage, especially cause I’m using exotic gear, which also gives a tiny boost in rage. So another option is this atk/2ammo rune… In summary (with Fera switch) +6% atk, +3 ammo, Mend and -14% rage…

Yeah, me too, which only makes me more inclined to change the rider.

Thats also a good point, on the other hand after call of justice there is 3 sec cooldown and I believe I have full rage more often than full hp :slight_smile:

Jaalkan is my strongest and favorite dragon atm (imo much better than Steelwing although Steel is not bad after some practice), thats why I want to boost him as much as I can :wink:

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I am using the same setup with attack ammo rune instead of the legendary, with Xandra. That will add +2% attack, and +2 ammo to yours. I believe this is the best setup for Jaalkan.

I don’t even use exotics on Jaalkan, since he doesn’t really need it, will wait for the next season’s dragons and choose the element there


Do you guys have the 12% rage research?

I’m far from that :frowning: Still trying to reach artisan dragons first…

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Same here but I don’t feel like having enough rage on my Jaal :laughing:

Not that it would change the world but you might want to consider swapping the mythic rage (hp) for a legendary rage glyph with ammo secondary
+1 ammo is better than 3% hp and as you said earlier you have enough rage so the -3% shouldn‘t be a big deal

Ok, so basicly I was thinking about changing the rider, but in the end I changed leg rune to 6% atk/2 ammo rune and rage/hp glyph to leg rage glyph with 1 ammo :smiley: I lost 3% of rage reg and -0,5 sec counterstrike cooldown, but I got 2% akt and +3 ammo :stuck_out_tongue: Will see how it works :slight_smile:


I like this setup, let me know how it performs

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Exactly. I see it all the time that peeps advice go heavy rage on dragons. And also most of times its not true 🥸

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I have Fera/Kinn on a different acct but here’s my setup and I’m debating if I should go with Yeken

I don’t know why you @SturdyGrip have Mythics HP runes but it could be definitely a Legendary Counterstrike and a Glyph with Rage OR a +8% Hunter Attack Glyph but definitely no HP.

I prefer to have ammo and Rage ( defended) overall.

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this is what I had to work with, I do have mythic hunter attack runes but they’re combined with Ice Turret resist…I have a mythic hunter HP w/rage I can swap with the hunter HP/attack and I have a hunter mythic hunter attack/HP I can swap with hunter HP/rage…although this is what I have to work with but I’d go HP anyway because I’m pretty much an auto-attacker :grimacing: