Ferga or Kyrule?

Which one is better?

Ferga, unless you don’t like hunters and don’t know how to fly hunters.
HM + GO is nice combo

I wish Ferga didn’t have only red spells and GO seems buggy at times but I prefer hunters.

Kyrule is pretty good for a warrior with a sorcerer-type AOE spell


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Ferga is not a lead, so no white spells does not make a difference. And as far as GO goes, just learn how to use it. It is an excellent spell. It is even better when paired with healing mark, since one healing mark can heal all the health lost from using the rage gain component of GO several times.

GO is buggy


I am not a fan of the white spell craze. Think they really let the genie out of the bottle on that whole thing. I was just saying it would be nice to have a blue spell to go with the reds. Not a fan of screech / roar but mine’s only 25 as I just got to emerald.

Galvanic Overload seems to misfire at times and I thought I read on here it had issues so just assumed it couldn’t possibly be MY flying. :wink:

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Hella buggy.

You should be getting them very shortly after each other if you are on an icicle path so it really doesn’t matter which you get first.

Ferga is a nice cleanup dragon for farms plus some towers. For just farms I still use ember though

Kyrule - if you’re lazily clearing invader bases :rofl:

Ferga for all the reasons above ^


take the one needed for your breeding plan :wink:

Well you probably need them both, right?

If who you should get first? Ferga! I would be happy if i didn’t have a single warrior dragon :wink:

@PlayerJ please enlighten Twitchx to the ways of the awesome warrior path!


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