Festive Draconics Vs New Plat Drops

This may have been covered I’m not sure. Have any of the brainy people figured out a direct comparison between:

  • using rubies on super sigils/ draconics on festive branch repeatable node
  • using rubies to get platinums (NEW drop rates)

Didn’t know whether the improved drop rates for the essential stuff on plats has swung it towards favouring platinum chests instead. Obviously a direct comparison between the 2 different chests wouldn’t tell you this

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This makes me so happy! :rofl::joy::rofl:
I look for information from the brainy people too! Lol
Looking at you, Morreion, FxF, and Zami!


Well, buying platinums directly is terrible so Id say still garbage and insanely overpriced. Get the dracs

Also what new drop rates? They just swapped out mythic ice and fire shards for electrums. That’s not much of a change

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Pretty sure Zami BrainyPerson™)
stated he updated the Event Chest Drops spreadsheet here:

It’s still showing 0 energy packs/inner fires for platinum, so it’s probably person/account dependent on you consider “essential stuff”

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Why? It’s pretty much exactly the same as buying golds directly, three times the cost and three times the resources, except slightly better because shards/pearls mythic drops have been replaced with electrum.

But of course the draconics in the festive line are loads better, since they’re nearly 40% cheaper than their normal price.


i think its mainly the cost.

is it around 600 in the sequence so 1800 gold. not many folk would open that many golds/plats.

perhaps its possible to start at a particularly bad part of this sequence. this might make opening three times the gold chests give more reliable/repeatable results.

who knows i have always found dracs(ss week)>golds>plats as a general rule.

but if your opening a complete round of plats most likely not much in it tbh…who knows…mysterious

I haven’t done any math, but I’d probably only buy plats with rubies if I know the sequence and that I’m getting good drops next

It’s too much of a pricey gamble otherwise imo, but it does have good drops


True it’s much more of a gamble, but wouldn’t call them “terrible”. It’s a gamble you can win too, after all…

edit: also no crappy mythic drops anymore, so 100 chests will at least guarantee you 5 good mythic drops.


yes i guess they are very good then well now anyway as a mythic poor drop was a pain.

BUT to keep track of where you are over multiple shifts needs a degree in paracetamol

Back when I was in the 300 levels and looking to move to middle long and add a flak, I purchased 240 platinum chests with rubies two seasons in a row. It fit with the direction I wanted to take my base and where I wanted to be at the end of the year.

What about sigils? Also its x3? Thank.
Edit. If i have 150k rubies and I need timers inners and sigils*, what is the best, Gold Platinum or Draconic? Thank again :slight_smile:

*Mostly sigils because of discount period :wink:

Yes, platinum chests are very close to 3 gold chests, on average. Main difference is that platinums also have electrum now.

If you have done the festive line this season, but not claimed all the draconics yet, I would recommend getting those (by buying super sigil chests and using the sigils to buy draconics). Draconics have lower sigils, per ruby, than the other two types, but in the draconic line they’re so much cheaper they match the rest again, and have MUCH better timers. They’ll also have IFs even if opened in fort, unlike gold chests.

If you haven’t started the festive yet, or already finished all the draconics, then it’s probably safest to go for gold chests next season. Platinums are good, but they’re more of a gamble, especially in smaller amounts. You can either buy golds in week 1 (will give embers) or in week 2 (will give IFs/Energy/Eggs). The timers are similar and sigils are the same in either week.


I haven’t started the festive, can’t do too many branches after 20 keys. Anyway, i think i will go for Gold as usual. I open during the 1st PvP of a new season for rss ( and mostly sigils to finish both the discounts) then save till next season and repeat.

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One thing to consider is maybe saving those rubies, then doing the festive branch next season. If you get about 150k rubies in a season, you’ll have about enough to get all 600 Draconic chests at the end of next season just off rubies alone (if you have already finished the festive branch using sigils earned from events). Just suggesting it because grabbing the Draconics every other season is what I have been doing and it has been working well.


More than 150k but sometimes I spend (chests or some retraining / swap rune)

Thanks for all the input, I always do the festive branch- draconic route anyway but just wondered if it was still the best way. I used to spend all rubies on gold chests in the new season but since draconics I find there’s no comparison. The amount of RSS you get from the draconics compared to golds for the same rubies is huge. The small drop in sigils makes no difference really as completing the discounts is never an issue

Curious then, do you time it so the draconics are opened on those seasons when it starts with a minor event?

And then do you save gold for every other season as well (PvP events) or just open them alongside the draconics?

You can open draconics on any event, the drops are the same, similar to plats. I open everything at the start of every season.
And yes I still save gold chests all season and open them during discount (around 850 this time). Golds are still essential for the extra sigils to finish discounts.

I assumed that because there are now less mythic drop options that the drop rates for all of them would have increased. I thought sigils and timers etc. Would be higher over the sequence because they got rid of the useless shards/pearls (less mythic drops possibilities but same mythic drop rate).?
Could be very wrong though :joy:

This is what happens, by timing coincidence, but it was not a purposeful decision. I joined the game during Souldance so I only worked up to enough resources to get the festive and Draconics in Eclipse.

I’m still figuring out a chest strategy.

Souldance: First season, no mythic (for the obvious reason) but I did save Bronze and Gold chests the last 4-5 weeks.

Eclipse: Using the saved chests I was able to get Quasar, but it was a near thing, leaving me very few Bronze/Gold chests. Fortunately, I was able to buy 400-500 Draconics.

Celestial Rift: Used the Draconics to get through the discount dragon and about half of base boost. This put Xul in comfortable reach and I saved Gold chests all season after the discount and most of my Bronze

Aftermath: With Gold, Bronze, and Platinum chests, I was able to get through both discount branches and save some of the Gold chests I got from event prizes (the previous season I had opened all the Gold chests I got from season prizes during the discount). Got Kinnarix very comfortably, I’ll probably have some rubies left over after getting 600 chests.

Strangelands: This will be the first season I have a cache of Draconics and Gold/Bronze/Plat chests. My plan is to open the Draconics and Platinum during Fort, open what Gold I need to finish the discount lines during week 2, then sit on the rest. I’m going to try and save up 15k-20k Bronze chests then open them in a Breeding event during the discount weeks one or two seasons later, since I like opening Bronze during Breeding. Long term I’d like the Gold chest horde to swell and maybe facilitate a double mythic season down the road…?

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