Festive Draconics Vs New Plat Drops

I have opened 100 before and received only 2 mythic drops.

No guarantee you will get 5 unless you open up big quantities.

No you haven’t. The main rotation is 100 chests on platinum, you are guaranteed 5 mythic drops in 100 chests.


I don’t have the screenshots but pretty sure of the 10x pulls that only 1 pull had 2x mythic drops both black pearls in the same pull.

You are the numbers man so if you say its not possible I’ll believe you - its quite possible that my memory is bad or I missed the other drops!

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Is this your recommended minimum opening of plats?

Nevermind. Just read further down and saw this :point_up:

Plat chest sequence is 100 long. There are 5 mythic drops in that sequence. Just go to Fiery’s plat seq thread. You can get more than that if your bonus drop is a Mythic.

Gold chests: 4000 for 10
Drac chests: 8000 for 10
Plat chests: 12000 for 10

IMO (not here to argue my valuations, I have a spreadsheet that is publicly available):
I value Dracs at around 240 sigils. They have high variation, so depending on your luck, you can get less value than that in your pulls.
I value Plats at around 270 sigils. Golds are still a better deal, but if you know where you are in the sequence when Fiery provides that data, they can be GREAT value.*

*I knew exactly where I was in the sequence because I only opened plat chests when Fiery had the sequence. I pulled 4 mythic sigil drops across 2 weeks for less than 60 chests.


If you don’t have deep reserves of chests/rubies to suffer through the bad parts of the sequence, stick to gold. Also, dracs are terrible to open with rubies during discount week if you need the sigils.