Festive dragon for sunscorch

Does anyone have the season structure? I would like to know if the festive is discount cause if it is I can get hauZ. If I remember correctly arb was discount

Festives are usually not discounted at all, and given we have had 3 discounted branches already this Season, is doubtful will have another one.


Oh ok

If anyone has the structure can u post it here

Pretty sure it was just Ozy and Krelos that were discounted dragons. Might be wrong tho.

Krelos, Ozy and the base boost are the only discounts. Which is also more discounts than any season ever before, by the way.


True,if someone didnt got/get a mytic this season hes doing something wrong. Dont need to be on a high league to get it done either.

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No, the festive shouldnt be discounted. Festives havent been discounted since Kirin

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Not true, still had to be able to take advantage of the first two weeks discount(s) for easy mythic grab.

Season structure is here

I’m level 90 and haven’t been playing the game that long

Level 84, I’m not going. For a mythic this season as I don’t like too much chest farming. I’m going for one next season, I also wasn’t prepared and didn’t start the season on a great team either.

No, it’s not discounted.

I’ll def get one next season but I love hauz