Festive dragon nebulon evolution?

So tomorrow festive is being released , does this mean Nebulon will be able to be evolving to current teir ?

Pretty sure Neb still goes to Arcanum, and Hueso too if you have the shards. That’s how the festives are supposed to work iirc, and though there were some issues when Arcanum was released for festive evos, it’s all solved now.
New festive should go to Arcanum, and any tier that comes after that (unless PG changes festives’ design)

No it’s not.

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Ah. In that case, guess we have to keep an eye on the update notes

No it doesnt. It was supposed to, when announced, evolve to the current tier each time. But it doesn’t. With zero reasoning as to why. Its just been brushed under the carpet despite numerous attempts at finding out why its broken. Its supposed to be fixed soon though. But no word on whether or not it will upgrade as soon as next tier comes or whether it will always lag behind. If its the latter then it basically means all festives are useless to end tier players.

My guess is one of two things:

  1. It was a coding error that they didnt want to own up to.

  2. It was done on purpose to dilute draconic chests a little bit, but don’t want to own up to.

All in all i find it very disconcerting that they are unwilling to provide any reason at all why its broken despite the fact its meant to be one of the newest big things in the game.


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Unlikely, adding levels to dragons is a fairly simple manual procedure, just requires altering a few csv-files.

How would that even work? Not adding levels to the festives yet actually does the exact opposite, it makes them less diluted with dragon shards and allows for more efficient resources at the season start.

By far the most likely explanation is that it was simply forgotten about when Nebulon was released.


Are tinfoil hats on discount where you live or something? It always amazes me how a total lack of clue can lead people to the most absurd conclusions.


I’ll be very annoyed if Nebulon dosent evolve it states clearly it does

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They tried to tell me months ago it doesn’t until I showed them a pg post about Nebulon then all off a sudden I was right

Hopefully some senior players / forum people take them to task on this

Galileo has stated here that both Nebulon and Hueso will be able to evolve to the Arcanum tier.


Ohh, May 5th! That makes sense why we aren’t seeing it yet

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By releasing new levels just before the next festive comes out. Meaning the draconic chests from the next festive line, needs to accommodate 3 festives.

Yes, we talked about this a while back. You may have been there:

Posted at the risk of getting another tinfoil hat comment :slight_smile:

Similar, but not quite the same as what I was talking about.

Most players saved draconics from last season to open this one. Like myself.
Those only gave enough shards to expert at verdant, whereas they should have experted at arcanum.

That would have meant the festive this season, would have only dropped one dragons shards, not all three. Thats what i mean by deliberately watering down the chests that PG clearly dislike and have attempted to limit already.

Unfortunately, this means they ruined a perfectly good idea with the festive by limiting viability for end game players with a perfectly balanced dragon. Perhaps the best balanced dragon they have introduced in a long long time (strong undefended, ok 1 defender, flops on 2, but requires no skill to fly).

Assuming you had the other two maxed, I agree. If this season is someone’s first festive, they’ll need to level up all three from scratch.

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I agree. I understand them not going to mythic of that tier but making it never be legendary of end tier when those are the relevant towers kills the entire purpose of these dragons for end tier players, who are the main group who will be getting enough of these shards to level the dragon up.
As soon as leg Arcanum came out that’s when Neb and Hueso should have evolved to Arcanum. I get that PG probably didnt want them to be on par with Ikaros and Quasar at the time but this is the design they were supposedly going for with the festive shards so they need to be following through with it. Getting all the shards to evolve these dragons costs close to or even more than what getting a mythic does anyway.

It’s rather pointless to have them evolve to a tier that is supposed to hit 120s 2 weeks before 122s come out