Festive Dragon Portrait

We love the look of the festive dragon SO MUCH that it would be awesome if we could have a portrait for it. (like the loading screen picture). Please and thank you! :heart: :dragon:


They’re very cute… but I’d toss them in a meat grinder in a second if it meant we could have a Chunk and/or Axi portrait

The festive really should come with their own portraits. Or hell, sell the damn things. Monetize on people’s love for these super cute dragons instead of being so greedy with the resources. Quit having the art team spend their time on barbarian strippers and put them to work on something we actually want. PG has so many opportunities to create things people would be very willing to spend money on.
Dragon portraits, dragon skins that change elements, dragon-themed base skins (chunktopia), etc. Their art team is amazing so they really should start using them more.

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:shushing_face: We don’t talk like that here. They’ll hear you

Im completely fine with them monetizing on things that are just for looks. The Aurora portraits were some of the most popular that we’ve had and people were fine with buying them. I’d rather they charge $5 or $10 for an awesome portrait than stash it in a crappy limited-time line that costs a lot of sigils


I…didn’t expect to say this but actually that makes sense :thinking:

Fair point


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