Few Issues So Far


Here is a a few issues I have seen:

Why? Why are people going to fight? There is very little real benefit when you distill it. You get shards…okay so I will apply this to diamond. You get riders who make your dragon, Noctua (the new Phasmos btw so solid work there) stronger. Okay…so a decent flier with no runes and no rider is going to take pretty much any base if undefended. However, with defenders, even with the best runes and rider, that dragon still dies. The outcome is super binary. So…essentially for practical use, you are doing all of this work for NOTHING. Yes, you get shards but they actually have very little effect on outcomes in the game itself

Next we have balance, we can start with attacking. There is very little true benefit to it. You have to fight somewhere that, best case, there is no active bonuses and you are just evenly matched. So, you “win” that battle, great…now you have an island that 90% of the game can’t defend against if a max player just buys millions of boats and with little skill just throws 2-3 maxed obsidian tier dragons at in a clear display of money > skill. Defense needs to be improved to slow this down and islands need to have value. Enough value for people to be willing to attack for a real, tangible gain. Not so they can win an island they are going to lose again 6 hours from now.

When it comes to balance, if you want people to actually hold islands, maybe increase the ratio for defense higher than the cap on offense? That way the island has a real benefit and someone has to make a real choice of being willing to attack for specific gain. Not just because they happened to want PG’s balance sheet to look better (although from PG’s standpoint I do get why this is appealing)

Motivation, just going to be honest but this coming from one of the better teams, there is no game related reason for teams of a higher rank/strength to fight each other. It is a system built so that your best return comes from finding the smallest team possible and annihilating them. There has to be some value a team can have to deter this or at least slow it down. Have an incentive to hit higher? Better prizes for that? Better island value? Not sure but the current system clearly doesn’t work.

Finally, Alliances…while I am not a fan of them at the end of the day they are a part of it. One thing that is SUPER frustrating I am sure. PG has said repeatedly that Alliances are important to them and to Atlas…yet, this burden has fallen completely on the players. There is ZERO in game support for any kind of alliance and in fact one could argue in order to make an alliance work you are actually working to overcome the mechanics of the game to get this done. I am not saying that there will ever be full integration but for something that is said to be integral you need some sort of developer support, other than simply the words.


Riders with strong gear should be more impactful than runes (on both offense and defense). Getting a rider that strong isn’t easy though – but if you fight for strong territory then you will be able to earn lots of crafting shards from prizes and make progress towards training a strong rider.

The same return is earned from fighting players your own strength versus those weaker than you. If you want to pick on lowbies, nothing in the game will stop you of course. But because glory gains are limited by how many of your troops which die while fighting gloriously in battle you aren’t rewarded for picking on the weak either. And someday they might not be so weak but still be carrying around a healthy grudge … careful ;).

Alliances have no formal support yet because the one major alliance in beta already owned a sizable fraction of the map. As we add more teams, I expect we’ll see more alliances crop up and end up with a healthier balance of power and ownership. Once that time comes, we’ll add formal tools to help alliances out. On the old forums you can still find an old thread where we discussed and brainstormed various alliance tools – we’ll resurrect that thread when the time comes and make sure the shortlist from that thread is still the right set of first alliance tools to build.


Quick question
If I have a dragon with lightning resist and I put a rider with archer resist on that dragon , does the dragon get both resist or is it like runes where it only works for dragons with the same resist?


@pgdave a week ago riders and gear had zero effect outside of beta…do you know if this has been changed?


Spot on review


I agree with the alliance issue. First thing PG could offer is real ways to form these alliances. We are stuck using other apps to communicate and create them. Second why not make them formal. You are now part of a beta alliance that PG recognizes and ways to check to see other alliances. Currently we are checking spread sheets and lists to see who is in what alliance and seems like there could be easy ways in game to make this happen. Being a diamond player for years I wanted no part of the alliances either but since you have made them so crucial why not support them instead of making us work to keep one going. At the end of the day it’s a phone game that will fund your endeavors for years to come. Show some support.


I’m glad to see the balance from glory points in bigger teams attacking smaller teams…but even with that you know they will always bully smaller teams. Is there any future plans to help prevent this? While people searching for glory may benefit more from losing ships. You know diamond teams they will attack platinum or sapphire teams for islands or more event points.
For myself, I’m from a sapphire 1 team, I’ve seen a few people want to quit the team or even the game because we have been bullied by top 10 teams. And with us losing castles and them gaining, they are just getting more bonuses and we are falling farther behind. And we haven’t been bullied super hard like some teams have. And it’s getting worse and worse with the influx of diamond teams. Why wouldn’t a team with a substantial more members that are much higher level not attack a team with 1 or 2 300s? Losing less ships and gaining less g points means they can have to destroy more teams and more hard work to get what they want.
The infrastructure bank does help if you can take islands back, I’m very happy with those changes.
Like what I was saying above, the number of high levels we have to fight right now while only having a few ourselves makes it rough. Not able to give boats to said players so we have a chance is rougher. We now rely on them not only for wars but now to be constantly building ships more. Now I agree it’s no fun just passing ships to you biggest players or allies, it’s making it hard to compete with the new and old teams that are joining without more balance. Teams that aren’t a top team are getting slaughtered now to Tue point they don’t even want to bother. Sure they can ally with a top team, but then they will sit there doing nothing. Which was what you were trying to prevent.

Long, bad explanation later. Balance needs to be fixed before teams/players crumble from frustration please.

P.s. I didn’t proof read and write this on a phone, so forgive me.


So. I’m new to atlas. And am already super discouraged. While the party was thrown. The tutorial was taken away. There was no real teaching how to play this game that I’ve been playing for almost 3 years. I’m glad all had fun. Oh and how and why do I only get 5k gold per atk on a gold mine. You need glory points to level things. U need gold for troops. There is no fucking gold … I am truly frustrated and pissed I love this game. Or at least I did…


Another example of higher teams bullying smaller teams for fun is all the castles getting destroyed and taken over but the new owners don’t care enough to even put ships on it. So a lot of swapping happens.


The gold thing - there are daily multipliers (starts at 29x); once that is done for the day, you get 5k gold per hit until it resets the next day.

Its a gating mechanic, you can grind, but it makes more sense to just attack people and steal theirs. Like you would hunting for food.

Think of a gold mine as your “farm” or “mill” - it only makes so much / day; the rest you get from hunting.


Any suggestions on how you would change this in a persistent world?

(e.g. you cannot have them all in different worlds)


My suggestion would be requiring an occupying force (% based off main game tier) whether that is % number of troops, or minimum number of primarchs stationed idk if there is something else that could be used, but it could prevent a single high level player tearing through islands and doing what Benigmas stated.

on the gold issue, my only comment is food/wood does not require heal pots to acquire from farm/mill. gold does, and if you want to maximize gold per day, you require alot of heals. This may not be an issue w/ bigger players/spenders, but would limit what a little guy could reasonably mine.

for me the beta/Atlas is pretty frustrating, and discouraging. It may push me from the game. balance is way outta whack, and I would have stopped playing it weeks ago, if i didn’t care about supporting my teammates. The last game i played was similar, and left that game due to imbalance and bullying. case in point, last troop build, spent 5 long days building, i burned though 200 heal pots, built 25k troops, got the event pulled from me last 5 hrs, and then lost all my troops to someone 200 lvls above my tearing through our island chain in 10 mins. whoooooo what fun.


Seb currently have a year long beta team trying to crush us everyday The bullying is stupid. I was called a dog and a coward and told that I fo is everywhere and I’m using the excuse we are new. Th A game is broke up into leagues. And a year of reading info is not the same as playing the game for a year and a quirk g real knowledge and power. Honestly. This is absolute crap. But if it continues. And there is no mechanic to fix it. I will quit. Or do the same and force others to quit. I don’t know why I’m venting here. But dammit I can’t even build troops. Oh I know. Go to safe so enjoy and do nothing. That’s the answer. I swear if pg says that to me. I will say. Then why do I log in to your game …


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