Few proposals for improvement

  • It would me much easier if a management of the team can see all the rss at all banks as a list, like you can see all your castles, instead of going and clicking on all banks separately.

  • In order to prevent significantly stronger teams to wipe out weaker team (based on player lvl, dragons lvl, prims lvl and troops) scale glory to 0… or something similar.

  • since the game runs on several languages introduce chat translator

  • bring back original Blackblood event (some of us really enjoy testing our skills) / wishful thinking

  • cut events to Friday - Sunday (another wishful thinking )

  • get rid of war defense counter in lower leagues so the fun can be back to WAR dragons again / and another wishful thinking I’m hopeless :slight_smile:



Point 1: check :wink:


Darn i misread that one … scratch 1 lol



Blackblood event was just you vs various bases and your progress was limited only by your skill and how far can you reach

killed all the fun… we used to have many wars every day and that was awesome … I just miss original game that I started playing 4 years ago…its hard to explain to new people how much fun was before


In lower league, I doubt everyone is getting 250 flames. Therefore, war defense is kinda useless.

I started playing since a little more than one year ago. Sorry, since idk.


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