Few questions about the New oculus weapon

Curious if anyone knows anything yet about the new oculus weapon and if it’s worth going for this season. Also curious if you think we will be able to transform other weapons into the oculus like we can with the cosmic ray. As of right now we can not :slightly_frowning_face:

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Yes we know a little, no do not build one as there are better options, and yes you will likely be able to merge into one later (although not yet)… any other questions?

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This is a dangerous tower as much as the ice flak this tower won’t kill your dragon it’s the HP it takes away from the dragon when it SS hits and healing spells won’t heal as much because of the reduced healing effect from that tower here is a video explaining more in depth

Credit to CF for more insight on this tower


Question does the electro flak boost oculus SS

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Electro flak only gives a boost to other flaks


That SS and healing reduction look a little OP.

I wonder if the bug was incorrectly fixed?

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