Fewer gold chests and sigils

Is it just me or are there fewer and fewer gold chests and sigils as prizes? And more opportunities to buy?

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It’s just you, they’re the same as always


Correct, no changes in gold chests and sigils.

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Yes you are right… U will hardly/or never get gold chests and sigils from prizes … but all you can do to succeed in these seasons is to spend $

:roll_eyes: Mmm, yeah, hardly any sigils and gold chests…

Assuming 450 sigil achievement (Hey, there is 450 sigil?),
One can get

  • 10,165 rubies (approx. equal to 25 Gold Chests)
  • 2,150 sigils
  • 6 Gold Chests

By related team achievement, we can get 1,600 sigils
By Team Quests, we can get 1,200 rubies and 300 sigils

Yeah, hardly any sigils and chests in this event (not considering other goodies)


Oh, forgot one thing.

What is success in this season? If it’s just one mythic / season, it’s not impossible to do as F2P


I do not see any difference from other seasons.

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