Field runes attached to your bases

I would like to bring up the topic of field runes.the way things are at the moment doesn’t seem right to me! I think once you have attached them to your base. You should be able to move them around on different areas of your bases fields with already attached runes. You should only have to pay rubies if you are wanting to remove completely from your base! This in my view would make it a lot more useful For game play. To be able to move your already attached field runes around on your base

Not sure what field runs means, but I agree anything that increases strategy and competitiveness should ideally be encouraged. (Free)

I like the idea of moving but not removing.

Playing devils advocate. On dragons you cannot move runes/glyphs at all, so we count our lucky stars we not only can but it’s cheap enough that it’s worth doing.

Also as far as I know runes still don’t apply specifically to the islands they are supposed to. There is (was?) an acknowledged bug that caused runes anywhere to apply to all islands and believe this was never fixed.

So I like your suggestion, but it’s probably not likely to go anywhere.

Field runes are the ones you attach to your base on the towers to the side.dragon runes are a difrent issue! it’s just the field ones I think should be inter changeable and only with already attached runes on other towers not ones that are in stock pile so to speak



Enjoy the game because you have people that pay for you to do so and keep it evolving and growing

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You misspelled rune in your title, and I think most people refer to them as tower runes or defensive runes. You are the first I’ve heard refer to them field.

I knew what you likely were talking about. Dragon runes we’re used to explain how we are lucky they move at all. I was not talking about dragon runes

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