Fielding Questions For This Year's Summit

Hi all,

I’ll be making an appearance in this year’s summit to cover a facet of our PX/CS process. I’d like to answer the most pressing CS-related questions the community has, so please add them here. And be sure to hit that heart to the questions posted in this thread.

Also just a heads-up, I might not be able to address all of the questions posted on here, but I’ll be sure to follow up on them after the summit. Thanks in advance all!


Can you dumb it down for me-- what is PX-CS? :see_no_evil::joy:

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Im guessing Player Experience/Customer Service?


When are you going to adjust drop using density because player retention and the value of our activity is almost nonexistent……


Is there any plans to address the levels of work needed to just maintain where we are? There are so many chores people have to do every day. Are there any plans for further quality of life changes which aren’t paid (looking at you beast raid function which works great…. For elite players)

Are there any plans to tweak the upgrade costs of primarchs (gold wise) so that players without elite don’t need 2-3 days worth of multipliers to get the upgrade

Are there any plans to move more towards making activities more fun rather than repetitive.

Are there also any plans to tweak atlas in such a way that true castle raids don’t require near 24 hour watching

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What’s being done to keep WDs attractive to get former players to return to the game? For instance, a player takes a long hiatus from the game. Player returns and there are new towers, many new dragon tiers, and none of their dragons are relevant any longer at their current (old) level. Their base is now “old school”. Why should those players come back? They’re starting all over, but at their “old” level with old dragons, flying against bases they were not designed to fly against.

Why should those players come back? Because currently this situation applies to me and, lemme tell ya, the transition is bad, bad enough for me to question why I returned in the first place. If a former player were to ask me today if they should pick the game back up, I’d most likely tell them no, too much has changed and you’re relearning the game, redesigning your base, and flying your dragons against even decently constructed bases will be like kicking rocks at missile launchers.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been some incredible improvements to the game in the past 2-3 years, some really impressive improvements, however I feel that a lot of the changes negatively impact the odds of former players returning to the game and sticking with it.


P.S. - Yes, I played WDs back during the timeframe of PG offering players X dragons to return to the game. That is NOT what I’m looking for. I’m not looking for anything. I play because my wife tells me too :rofl: and that is indeed a true story.


Wait was she playing the whole time when you took a break? If so why she not keep your account going as well? :joy: JK I know it’s way too much work.


No, she left before I did. But she brought up returning to WDs. I was hesitant, I followed some of the changes here on the forums so I had an inkling of why we shouldn’t come back, but when a woman makes up her mind to do something, you’re just along for the ride….


lol welcome back


So you shut up and play the game you don’t even want to play? Damn, dude… I’ll send a gift to your wife for keeping a player to the fold. :rofl::+1:t2: Much respect and cheers to her.


Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the game, a lot. And we tried, for a few years, to find an app game to replace WDs. There just isn’t anything out there like WDs that appeals to us :man_shrugging: I had an idea of what we were in for when/if we resumed playing, hence my hesitation to come back. It’s been worse than I imagined it would be….


You had given me a wrong idea for a second there. :flushed: