Fight Pit Event Issues (aka My team got promoted to The keep)


In the latest event our team is said to be promoted to The Keep and will start with 75000 points, what’s this Keep about, can someone clarify

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It’s the PVP event that will start in 25 hours or so. There are several “pits”
Not sure how you’re getting a message already nor how you’ve been promoted since we all should start in the pit.


Its todays event that wont start till tomorrow


That probably would be a glitch right


I certainly wouldn’t think it will stay that way once the event starts.

Do you have the event island already?



No i don’t think so


Ah, a message in your mail…

Yeah, definitely a glitch


That’s what happens when programmers test code in a live system. :stuck_out_tongue:


Now bashing the developing team huh :rofl:


My own personal hobby horse: testing in production. I have the same problem with users in my company’s ERP system.

       Gee, I wonder what would happen if I did this???

Not truly aimed at devs. :grinning:

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Unfortunately nobody linked @Arelyna here :confused:


I saw this thread yesterday and had forgotten to comment. We looked into it, but I am not sure the two are related.


I bet this is related :slightly_smiling_face:

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Since this seems to be the thread we’re supposed to comment on:

Is it safe to assume that we can’t make progress on our quests while this is sorted out?

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secretly wonders if PG has tried deleting and reinstalling the app :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Man, these new 5 minute rounds are intense. Is this the new Gauntlet Pits event?


@Arelyna All shields seem to be down in atlas is this because you took the event offline


What kind of moderator closed the other thread which got the most recent answer from a pg staff ? :man_shrugging:t2:


The one who dislikes duplicates. But here it is:


How do you want to compensate the already invested stuff of energy and inner fire?
What a messed up Event Start already