FIght PIT in a few words

Finally start liking the event. Then at the end of last round, we were over 20k ahead of the closest team. Top dog in the coliseum. Round finished, everyone’s happy. Get the email telling us we have been demoted. How is that possible? I checked 30 seconds before end of round and we were way ahead.

I don’t know exactly what happened, but if teams launched well-timed mega attacks against you, that’s at least 3k points lost to you and 3k points gain to them. That would be ~3 megas done all at once. Not impossible but very likely to great timing?

You were targetted for being top dog

If multiple teams (or one very determined one) were focusing yours, it’s possible. It’d be useful if there were an end of round report to confirm with, though.

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Same thing happened to our team, twice. At the end of the round we were way ahead, like you almost 20k ahead, but mega coins were used and we lost the championship position. In this event, for most rounds teams have been very close because everyone is targeting the top team. But then at the end mega coins determine the winner. Mega coins take the fun out of this event. It is so exciting to be batteling down to the last 2 minutes with teams very close vying for first place and then comes the mega coins. Not much fun anymore.

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Proof PG can’t be bothered anymore to even pretend they care about the app, and instead like other junk app programmers place too much emphasis on ‘aggressive monetization’ (their words).

If he knows his guild wasn’t targeted then I’m guessing there is a delay in the points list updating. I have noticed the same thing but, during the event (not exactly at the end). We would be 1 spot under the top team in the coliseum, I would attack once then be 5 spots down. I think there is just a lag between places and what we are seeing.

Think the only way is going to be for teams not to bother, boycott the event, buy nothing until Mega is removed from this event. We were not top team but hit with 5 mega in last 10 minutes of round, by 3 different teams who couldn’t reach the points of top team. My team will just play for personal points only until mega is removed, why waste your time getting up early only to fight unfair event ? Waste of time, spoilt a good event, pity

That sucks…weve been dealing with being ahead of teams at end of rds but come rankings were tied,and rt now were almost 200k lower to a team who’s never been a tier champ or finished ahead of us

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