Fight Pits 2/7/18: Overview

Hey guys,

First off, people complain about everything, this fight pits event (at least in my opinion) is one of the best pvp events I have experienced since the removal of the bonus meter and introduction to megas. The other competitor is the king of the hill event which had the bonus meter. I would like to give PG some recognition for the “good,” they have been doing after the rants and long posts.


  • 6 Hour Rounds ~ Energy Resets every 6h
  • Points Tor Failed Attacks ~ some may disagree but I think it’s fair to get a few points for failing attacks
  • Achievement Prizes ~ I have noticed that the sigils from achievement prizes are increased compared to CTW. (275 sigils, 350 sigils) Also the prizes are more easily obtainable because of the achievement increments and cost resetting every 6h
  • Strategy ~ Team Plan is awesome…I like it at least. At the end of rounds (15m) teams setup waves for mega attacks and super attacks to move up in pits or obtain the champion bonus. After the 15m NO MEGAS!! Defending is also a strategy to shut down potential mega attacks.
  • Refund notice for attacks that ended after the round ended.


  • Glitches ~ I have been getting a message that restarts the event page recently (it’s not a WiFi issue)
    a) Incorrect Energy ~ Visual Glitch which requires the player to exit the event page to be corrected.
  • Megas Determine Everything ~ With the 15m NO MEGAS at the end of the round rule, it helps so that teams who don’t spend much can try to make a difference and play on fair grounds in the time given. However, Mega Attacks still decide everything, all teams do is launch a massive wave of mega attacks 30 minutes before the round ends :man_shrugging:t2:. Teams who have a couple BIG Whales will be victorious because they use mega attacks.
    Solution: Limit the number of megas per round ~ Let me know what you think about this. OR set mega attacks to the first half of the round instead of only 15m.
  • Repetition in Attacks ~ this is universal for all pvp events…we continue to hit the same bases and grind out attacks. It just gets boring when forced to do basic attacks.

Thank you PG for:

  • Fight Pits Improvements
  • The Gameplay Faction ~ idk if it would make a difference but alt least it’s something
  • Responding to Forum Posts regarding major issues in the game
  • Hosting Livestreams (Special thanks to Crisis for responding to so many chat messages) I don’t watch arelyna’s stream … but thanks to her for responding in forum posts and streaming.
  • The in Game ticket response was rather fast on my end.

Or invert the event. 15 minute rounds with 6 hour breaks. :joy::joy::joy:


Another thing about this event that I noticed and would be ‘negative’ is that when finding a player to attack, you can’t view the base without it taking your energy. Not sure if this would be a glitch because it doesn’t seem to happen in the other events. Nonetheless determining to actually attack a base based off of layout and dragons available would be nice instead of level alone.

And again, this time around, I’m going to say that megas aren’t always the deciding factor of team placement. And now the 15min push back allows for time to do plenty of super attacks with IF from the entire team, and once done with that to defend. With this particular event, I believe they should leave megas alone and how it is now, because it encourages a lot more team strategy and coordination.

I do really like this event, and hope it occurs more often. It’s interesting and as said before encourages team strategy/coordination as well as a lot of activity.


Another point, i request outrage against defending in events to be subsided.
If you want points without defense, then don’t take my team points :man_shrugging:
Stop attacking otherwise or take bases which you can kill with defenders.
Sick of LC whining :face_vomiting:


Simple fix for this. Remove the ability to defend. It also makes clicking on the correct attack invite easier.

Lol I hate when people defend but I defend a lot so I can’t complain :man_shrugging:t2: And i agree I’m sick of LC whining about defending :joy::joy:

What about added point bonus for defenders


I wish!! That involves skill and coordination…great idea. I think this was in PvP events before but PG removed it. Don’t remember any reason why

so you don’t like defending during events? stupid :exploding_head:

I am sick of hearing about defending and why it’s wrong.

PG added team ranking points into PVP prizes, therefore, defending is encouraged.

Edit, and you get partial points for a loss now, so that’s a plus (even for non mega attacks).


Its not bad thought, and i see added bonus medals.
When i kill base with two defenders even my level 50 account got 8300 medals :star_struck:

I REALLY want to see a time limit placed on Megas, ie a player can only use X Megas per round, or X Megas per round on each team in the league.

I’ve seen teams Megaed to 0 VP…in GOLD league, within minutes of a round starting.

I get that PG wants to encourage spending and maximize their profits, but DAMN. Enough is enough.yes, spenders keep the game going, but if this continues, there won’t be anyone but spenders left, and eventually, as the number of active accounts dwindle, they’re going to get bored only being able to hit other spenders (the equal competition) and give up.


The defending is just free practice. People need to get over it. Personally, I hate this event cause, 1) inner fire events are horrid in general (use hundreds and barely make a dent in points), and 2) the lack of raid option is completely monotonous. Ready for it to be over after the first day.


The raid option is just a nice break for a PvP to have an easier way of getting points. It should be secluded to that one event, so that for the others, activity is rewarded.

I’m all for rewarding activity and strategy in all aspects of the game. Point payouts in these events just aren’t worth it, imo.

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or just give a toggle to remove LC completely when its obnoxious lol

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Lol (10 Character😂)

It’s just a glitch. Restart the game and your energy is back. Sucks but at least you don’t lose energy.

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Tired of the whining in LC too. Every PvP event I see it. It is PvP, not PvAI. If people don’t want to fail, then pick a target that can be beaten if defended. If they attack a base saying “please no defender please no defender” then they are taking a chance on that base. I hate to even get involved in those chats because when you tell people there is nothing wrong with defending, you get called names and targeted.

I tell people to visit the forums to see the consensus on defending during events.


It’s a much improved event, and I’d agree it’s one of the best at this point. We all want PG to fix everything bad in the game and have it fixed yesterday, but the first and second derivatives of change here are positive.

Among flaws, I’d say that generally, events that encourage teams to sit out until the last stretch and then fire all guns at whoever’s on top are inherently badly designed, and the joke suggestion about 15 minute fights with 6 hour breaks is not far from the optimal strategy. (5.25 hour breaks with 1 hour of fighting.) Gradual energy renewal in theory rewards hitting throughout the round, but the value is too small to meaningfully encourage it. Non-heavy hitters can just attack down to 0 energy at the 1 hour mark and then be ready for the real battle at the 5 hour mark. Heavy hitters will just hoard energy because 500 points is very little compared to the difference made by hitting the right teams with your thousands. There’s no substitute for the bonus meter.

I do wonder if a lot of PVP events were designed for lower leagues, because there are a lot of wacky asymmetries down here that make events like these more interesting, in frequently bizarre and fun ways. (“Okay, team A is has a level 200 with massive reserves, but they’re a two-man team. Team B is super active and decently strong but also uncoordinated 13-year-olds who attack at random. Team C are sandbagging 100s but there are only 12 of them. Team D are all low level but they’re crazy wolverines with a seemingly infinite supply of super attacks. Team E is inactive and can be farmed safely.”) There are asymmetries everywhere, but the ones created by numbers and (lack of) game knowledge are the most dramatic.

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