Fight Pits 2/7/18

So I hear there are rules regarding mega coins during this coming fight pits event. Does anyone know the exact details? Also are there any other new implementations to look forward to for the event?

There will be a blog post about it at some point today on their website.


Hopefully the rule will be that you cant use them.

Failing in that, hopefully the rule will be that you cant use them in the last hour of the round.

Failing in that, hopefully the rule will be that if you use them in the last 10 minutes of the round your portrait will be replaced with a picture of a dictionary opened to the word “Jerk”


Would love to see that! I made a level 32 waste 5 mega attacks and 10 super attacks in the past during the end of each round. Lol, love pranking lower levels when they attack me. Not trolling but defending myself so they don’t score any points for their team.

We’ll be publishing a Forums post on the updates to Fight Pits later today. The changes to this event were the direct result of community feedback so I’m excited to hear your collective thoughts once it’s up on the Forums! :slight_smile:


I am excited too thank you @PGCrisis

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@PGCrisis Thanks you so much for that. Can’t wait for the return of The Fighting Pits. Will there be sigil chests in this event?

i think sigil chest are for the last 2 weeks of event

I will ask for you! If you’re referring to Super Sigil chests, however, I believe the answer is no. They will be available in a week or so!


Seems early for sigil chests, aren’t they normally in the last two weeks of the season? Still four to go at the moment.


Will be good to get them in early so everyone can then get more sigils before the season ends. I’m already on my way for Equestor’s sapphire stone and have already gotten his platinum stone this season! First time getting platinum!


Hmmm so what you are saying is that now everyone will get to use megacoins all of a few minutes earlier. yawn.


I’m hoping it’s by at least an hour so people have a chance

They should simply make it that megas only give “mega” points for personal score, and “super” points for team score…

but hey, now you can do 4 attacks to makeup for the mega, except you needed 5… but don’t worry… I’m “sure” the guy that did the mega before the end wont just do supers as well …


Where is that post about the rider being released this event? I saw it but can’t find it anymore…strange

I saw it in a line group I believe it is from instagram

The rider is called, as you already know:Captain Tor

I don’t see it on forum yet

I saw it but lost the link to it, it was here earlier. I’ll see if I can find it later