Fight Pits 2/7/18


Captain Tor!


What does the new rider have to do with this topic?


Nothing, but there was a question asked and it got answered.

But on the other hand, both is about the next event and it’s prizes.


So i never did see the announcement on this? Did anyone else see one?

I do see that in the rules in the game it now says "Mega attacks are disabled in the last minutes of every round"
It doesn’t even say how many minutes, but I am left with the distinct impression that it is closer to 6 than 60.


15 minutes


So how is this an improvement? Now teams will just run their mega’s with 20 minutes to go, instead of 5 minutes to go, and the other team wont be able to respond with a mega since it becomes disabled and 15 minutes isn’t enough to time to make it up with regular or even super attacks.

This doesn’t solve the problem at all.


The above is from the forum post in announcements.


Thanks for the link confirming what OrcaFrost said.

My opinion on 15 minutes being insufficient still stands.


I actually feel like the 15 minutes are enough. People who are jumping in first place because of mega coin are losing because people are attacking them with supers and there are more teams attacking as suppose to the team.


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