Fight Pits 425 sigil prize ... wasn’t it 450 before? 👀


Did it change or has it always been 425 sigils? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I think mine says 425, but as far as I know it has always been 450. I know that I overestimated my ability and probably wont hit it. 43k points is a lot more than I thought it was


That’s what I remembered. Branches costs more but prize payout is less :confused: … wait, maybe the points for the 425 sigil prize tier is less than that of the 450 sigil prize in the past.


It’s usually been 450 but it’s PG and they’re wishy washy lol what can you expect?


I don’t think so, but then again, I have never really paid much attention the the point requirement.


As i know the steps overall changed with time… for example if you get the 450 sigil prize in breeding, its 1800 sigil total.
If you get the 450 sigil prize in fortification , its 1750 total.

If you get the 425 sigil prize. You will have 1875 sigil total from personal prizes.


It’s been 425 for a while now.


Just peeked at Mech’s data. It didn’t change, I remembered wrong.


I got the 450 one like 1 or 2 forra ago I don’t remember but that’s the only event I do that in so I don’t even look that far in events anymore lol

I write it off as being unattainable till I’m a higher level lol


Different energy events have different sigil steps. Its not same for all how it looks.


Mods can close this :upside_down_face: