Fight Pits Launching 11/1/17!

My suggestion to stop that from happening was any player who leaves there team once the event island has appeared can Not return for 7 days
This means they can Not jump back and get the high team rewards


I didn’t realize that other than the pits or the coliseum, you either go up or down. There is no staying put.

I sure hope individual event reward tiers been lowered significantly to compensate for the forced demotions back to 100 points per attack.

I thought the purpose of the Mega Coins and the like was to stop tying players to the game for long periods? This ties you to your device for an entire 24 hour period, just to get to the Coliseum, and that is only provided your team actually gets promoted to the next level every round. If you fail to meet the cutoff for ONE round, you get demoted back to the pit before.

Great idea, nice to see a new event, would really like to see the mechanics reworked for MUCH shorter rounds.

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There’s 17 rounds. So I think some of the same strategies as Capture the flag can happen. I would go so far as to say you can build. So get out of the Pit would be goal 1. Then chill inthe next one for a Round or two. Then shoot for the next one. You could even think of it as mini war. You have designated players ready to help “defend” which really means insure you maintain. And ride that to the coliseum. This is just a light sketch but I think you could get it to a point that with minimum effort spent in lost leagues, your team can do well. Yes. Sapphire I and up might have to be more aggressive. But that’s how it should be.

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There is no chilling. You either go UP or DOWN. You can’t “chill”.

Every six hours, your team either goes up, or gets demoted. Period.

Look at the % teams remain column. No one chills in a pit unless you are at the top or bottom.

Should just rename it the 102 Hour War…


I reckon stay in the pit, chill , suck the life out of me anyways…who the hell wants to play non stop for hours grinding.

I’ll probably only miss a mystic striker glyph anyways


Serious question, @Pixxel @Arelyna how often does energy costs refresh? Every round (6 hours) or every 24 hours?


@Pixxel @Arelyna let’s say a team is in “The Pit”, where it says attacks are 100. Is everyone on the opposing teams 100 points, regardless if he/she is lvl 60 or lvl 450?

I think so, since it says points stolen per attack, not defense.

I do wonder if the level multiplier will be included, similar to the other PVPs, where if you attack way below your level, you get less points.

That’s my question. Is everyone worth the same or will there be multipliers?

I’m not sure what you mean by this? I never talked about defending.

You’re takin chill too literally. Or maybe I used the wrong word. If you can maintain a particular pit for several rounds that would use less resources than trying to live up every round. Slow and steady. So if you can have players running defense, and some using energy buys and hoarding energy for several rounds I would think you’d be able to do well. I’m not going into more detail because I’m not interested in giving everyone a handbook

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You can’t maintain a pit. You either go up or down. Look at the %s. You cannot remain in the middle Pits.

Exactly. The points are per attack. So they are based upon which pit you are in. Levels don’t matter, unless there is a level multiplier included.

Seems we have a lot of questions, and few, if any, concrete answers, thus far.

Oh shit. I didn’t look at the revised numbers. I’m still thinking it was the original numbers. I’m at work and just popping replies like pills.

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Alright. I think you can still essentially do what I’m saying. The exact details aren’t as I said but you could hover in the middle Pits for several rounds potentially and then make the push for the Coliseum at a later time.

@pixxel @Arelyna
Secondary question: can a team rise or fall more than one pit? As it stands right now, it only says:

Does that mean a team in the pits can all of a sudden get to the coliseum in one round? Or is it one pit at a time?
Edit: answered by PQ, only 1 pit at a time.

Honestly…short rounds, mega attacks and multiple teams. Basically they renamed tug of war, possibly the most hated event in the entire game -______-


So its basically CTW with tiered positions and CTF style rounds. Nothing new at all, same energy sucking, mega coin infested crap.


I had some of these same questions when we got to talk to PG at their offices this weekend.
Seems like most people have figured that there is no chilling in the middle two Pits, you can certainly bounce between the two, but the only areas where you can “remain” is the coliseum and the pit. Points per attack will, in fact, scale depending on the player level. So higher level players will be worth more. The 100 points for example is the base with a modifier determined by a players level within their team.
What’s nice about this event vs CTF is that you bank your points at the end of the round. The other thing that should prove interesting is the fact that you aren’t fighting all the teams, just the one in your pit. You begin each round with the VP for the pit you are in and it is possible to steal all a team’s round VP but they can’t be below zero. They of course can attack to get some back, but that was a hypothetical that I asked about.
Yes, you can draw comparisons between this and CTF, but I think you’ll see that this will play out a bit differently. Also, I think it’s a safe bet that energy costs will reset with each round as in CTF


@lutrus One pit at a time. There is no point criteria to move up other than where the teams rank within that particular pit