Fight pits not fair to all leagues

Let me start by say in I usually enjoy this event I know a lot of people dont. I left my platinum/atlas team to form a feeder team. The league I’m in right now has 20 can not find guild’s so we can’t really do this event currently we are in a pit with zero teams to attack. I know all you players in upper leagues probably have no idea that this is going on. I have to think that the creative team knew abt this and still ran this event total B.S. I spend money on this game and deserve better than this this event should be pulled and not used again until it is fixed. Anyone out their that can support me on this would love to have upper leagues join the fight and let P.G. know this is unacceptable.and we are not going to take it. I also think the teams in these leagues should be awarded 1st place prize for event and maybe be given 500 sigils for emotional stress and heartbreak. I know this won’t happen cause who cares abt teams below platinum.

Bronze? Silver?

This “unable to attack” issue with the PvP events in the bottom leagues has been known for quite some time now, and a thread about it pops up every once in a while.

I wish I could help in any other way, but there’s one thing that comes to my mind: ASCEND!


Seriously? It’s just a game. :rofl:


I know right. Unfortunately, their are thousands of other that play who make a much more bigger deal for something much less then this. By more, i mean like 95% of the community here.

We all know about it!!!

Lmao I know it just a game I see all you crybabies on here complaining abt mega attacks are not being sent back to the attack screen of teams that you want to attack and really just a bunch of stuff like that but this is a real problem and abt the acsend comment come on really that is your best reply do you not understand if you don’t make the new players feel welcome than you will be stuck on teams where you have 10 minis. I really thought people would give a care abt this but if it doesn’t affect you you don’t care it’s a real shame.


I hear you. And i agree with you

This is supposed to be a community I see people that want to boycott for silly stuff well come on people this is not silly. And thanks to the 1 person that supports my thoughts on this

And if everyone knows about this why do you tolerate it. They pulled feeding cause everyone complained but that event still worked.

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That event was affecting the entire player base and slowing progress down. Now we can feed and grow as we wish. Yea it worked. Lmao it’s one of the older events. I personally wanted feed. Was easy points, but it did hold me and many people back from growing. Instead of complaining and making a scene on a forums that have already been notified of this problem a long time ago… send in a ticket, or push for gold. Don’t know what else I can do for ya bud. Sorry. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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its taken them years to fix bugs that affect everyone, imagine bugs that only affect a few… Not saying that to excuse them, rather to just lower your expectations.

They have more important issues to attend to.

Doesn’t matter why. The expectations here are lower than most games with similar ranking.

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Leaving an event unplayable for groups of mostly new players … Shame. Few enough new players keep playing anyway; how many will stick around when the event’s broken? At least it’s a good warning to would be players of what they’re up against.

This state of affairs should be unacceptable to PG but when you work on a very broken piece of junk it’s marvelous how your standards evolve.

Edit: Also, why not describe the issue a bit more clearly and do it in the ongoing thread with multiple other issues reported and staff responses? Fight Pit Event Issues (aka My team got promoted to The keep)


This. If a new player can’t participate in half of the events, maybe they’ll look for another team, or the chance is better that they will just quit.

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The event isn’t broken. It’s the teams. I assume he means unable to attack inactive players in event. Not the event, it’s the teams. People deal with it in wars as well.


And thats why this automatic kick is in effect but who knows

It is…but it’s not nearly enough. New teams form in a league where at least half the other teams literally cannot be attacked.

Hell, when I was on a new team in Bronze, we actually got kicked out of the coliseum by an inactive team. There was literally no one on it we could attack - all showed up as “inactive or banned” - and the game had arbitrarily ranked us second when we were promoted to the coliseum, so we got kicked back down.

I see a lot of complaints in the forums about how players are leaving, and a lot of recruiting threads that suggest that the well of players is drying up fast. It seems like they really should fix some of these issues if they want to improve the new player experience, and increase the influx of players again.


Take some of the many plat leagues and push back gold and silver and bronze