Fight Pits Points?

0/ Dragons,

Quick question, I realize I should have snapped a picture before the event ended, but my idea came too late.

Does anyone have the point breakdown for what a 100pt atk is worth for a super, wf, and mega? I am trying to work the math with the new discount for energy to see how many points are needed daily/atks/etc for smaller players that are still ftp.


Supers are x4 and megas are x30. So for a 100pt target a super is 400 and a mega is 3000.

Wildfires are x5, so 500.

Every inner adds another 100 (on the 100pt target), regardless of attack type.

edit: fixed the numbers for megas


Ty so much!

Sorry, Iā€™m an idiot and put in the wrong number for the mega :see_no_evil:

Megas are actually 30x, so 3000 points on the 100pts target. 20 is the number of inners they cost and I guess I mixed them up in my head.

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