Fight pits, progression

Does anyone have handy the exact progression of numbers in pits as fight pits goes on. I managed to get the %s for promote/remain/demote (thank you zami) but I haven’t managed to get the correct numbers out yet.

For instance based on my current formulae I can’t seem to get to what we currently have in my pit. It’s also suggesting you can get 6 teams in the col but I don’t think I’ve seen that.

Link for my current incorrect workings below

Rather than round down those demoted, try round up for promoted and then demoted is teams in that pit - (promoted) to be demoted. Worth a shot to see if the numbers match up.

Right now in my league for Round 12 we have 5, 7, 8, 5. You are right in that I don’t think I’ve ever seen 6 in coliseum. It should be 4 and 5.


Ahhh thank you I think I have it now. It looks like whilst it’s roundup for the top 2 pits it seems like your method and using round instead for the promotions from keep and pits gets me to the correct current pit occupancy and movements for next round. I’ll have to check if it predicts next event properly.


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