Fight Pits Rap Video


If you haven’t seen this, give it a watch. If you like it, share it with someone. This player sums up perfectly how I feel about the event/game direction. Everyone can spare 3 minutes to watch this. I had nothing to do with creating this video but I endorse its message.


good points made but people don’t still get the concept of free to play, this means you don’t pay to enter their servers like other subscription services.


What bulldog said. Although I am guessing he means free to play as in not paying overall. The more PG ask in their pursuit the less players decide that spending is worth bothering with. That’s my two cents on this one.


All I can say is what I personally feel. With the bonus meter, I felt compelled to stay online longer. The more I’m involved with the game, the more I have the desire to spend money on it. That may or may not also translate to my teammates spending money also. Monkey see, monkey do and all that. I can say for sure the small gifts from packs have been less frequent on my team. I can’t speak for anyone else’s experience but when people are happy, those gifts pop up like crazy. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I agree with the points in the video. At least the bonus meter ones. With the bonus meter which was active during my first season (spring) I managed to get my aster to plat while abraxxas and sage to green (wish I didn’t lol) and now I’m struggling in getting my nec to plat. In all fairness I cannot breed during events since I only drop egg tokens and no speedups. I’m stuck at level 70 with gold legends and everything I need to start on plat, while having like 80k spare tokens. I’m sure that will change when I hit sapphire wall but as of right now I can’t even get my divines past 10😂


used to get 30 or 40 an event , now we are lucky if we see 5


Wow thanks for sharing this! And thanks for @Cutieheat for correctly deciphering what I meant by free to play haha.


One thing that struck home for me was those people with the time should be able to compete with those who put in the money, bc time is money, right?


What gives PG more money? Time spent or money spent? If PG makes a larger profit from it, it will be more beneficial.


I actually can’t stop listening to this


Play it it the break room non stop, please and thanks.


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