FIGHT PITS seriously 😳


lol I was not expecting this. PG never stops surprising me. :see_no_evil:

Sigil chests - no more?

What the actual fuck?!


Everyone thought I was crazy but I thought they would do this :joy:


PG, any chance of changing it to, say, fort?


Just a crazy person would predict this :joy:. No offense :hugs:


No I don’t think :disappointed:


Haha maybe I’m a little crazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. But if you try to look at it from PG’s perspective it makes sense. Take what the players are expecting and do the opposite. When given a way to make people mad, do it. It’s PG logic :woman_shrugging:


Told team other day it was fight


Wtf is that poster? Did someone puke on an acid trip?

Might have been on the same trip as whoever decided this event would go well as last event of the season.


So I guess we are just having random events now huh? I mean you as in PG said you were fixing the cadence, how does this fix that if we had breed, temple raid, feeding, and now pits? Which should be fort IF you were actually trying to fix it. So yeah, should we expect random events now? That’s what it seems like


Oh lord :woman_facepalming:

Fight Pits

Whichever way it’ll be, this is not the ‘fixing’ or returning to old cadence no way…


I was going to Spend to finish Lorenzo if needed but screw that. PG trying to force the players that need to finish a line to spend big to do it rather than give us fort for easier points. Only so long you can continually screw the players.


Yeah so next season will start with a minor (presumably fort, but who the EFF knows after this garbage)…


Random events I’m telling you, there is no cadence anymore, if I’m wrong please enlighten me as to what the actual plan is if there even is one😂


How on earth does PG manage to fuck up this badly this quickly again? It’s been twelve weeks since they changed the cadence suddenly without any warning. Six weeks later @PGChocolate and @PGRocket had to make public apologies for not communicating about this. Two weeks ago they tell us they will go back to the old four-week cadence. And then they immediately proceed to fuck that up again.


Wow, seriously? The event they know that absolutely no one wants. I guess this is PG’s spiteful way if getting back at us for not liking their stupid cadence. “Fine, they want pvps then we’ll start shoving more pvps down their throats”

Guess Im glad I pushes harder in this event because Im probably sitting this bullshit out


OMG Mind Blown


There are NO words :no_mouth:


I just came here because of habit, which is being worked on. I have to stop completely coming here as everytime it’s nasty news. Like fight pits now. Smh


Yeah sorry team - I am on strike this event. Atlas events only for me. Not that PG cares either way, :man_shrugging: