FIGHT PITS seriously 😳


…on what?


They just announced it a few hours ago :roll_eyes:


Earth flak lol. 400 12hrs… thought we’d have 2 more weeks till fort


Well that’ll teach you for building outside of event :joy:

That does suck though.

Out of curiosity why did you think 2 more weeks? Why wouldn’t it be next week if this week was still pits?




They’re just rolling dices and if more that 50% whine they change the event that already been announced. I bought 5 50$ special packs and will definetly ask for a refund


Hoe-lee crrrrraaaaaap (in Fat Bastard’s voice). That is a LOT of speedups. And you felt comfortable spending that if you had 2 weeks??

Earth Flak must be pretty BA now tho


But… you used it outside of event?? Either way… you wouldn’t have known until today what the event was gonna be?

So I’m not understanding your grounds for a refund…but gL

Maybe this?


“I bought 5 50$ special packs”

Ah, well that explains that…


It’s unprofessional product management. I only open chests during pvp, fort and breeding doesn’t worth opening chests. More and more people are selling and i understand why… time to find another game


Personally glad it is fort way easier to get team 1200 sygil prize ,even less boring and less costly as the pits and gives lower levels better chance to get sygils from event prizes without spending plus I get to finish off the season without opening any chests or using any rubies to finish what i started so more goodies for the start of next season.


Rare words but I’m indeed thankful and glad feedback can change things for better sometimes :clap:t2:
This is logically right and was long-awaited. Good ending of season.


Why would you use any speed ups outside of fort? Except maybe to speed up incubation :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Troops or infra, just off the top of my head.


I guess I should specify on base buildings. That’s just points you dont get in fort


Well credit where credits due. They did fix it. It was a bad idea to stick fight pits there in the first place. But at the least it’s fixed now.

Please let’s stick to the old cadence or announce a week ahead so we can plan for ir




There are things that take too long and holds your progress. Storage Hut in example that takes almost all your wood, I sometimes upgrade outside of events, becauses you know, helps to get more storage at the kickoff of your next fortification. It may not make a difference in the quantity of prizes you get since the last ones are exponentially far away


I always end the fort event with a storage upgrade and let it run to the next one :unamused:


But spending 400 12 hr timers to do so out of fort? Even if you think it’s going to be in 2 weeks, how do you recoup that kind of timer loss? And believe me, I know buildings take a long time. Hell, most of my builds are 42 days after research. I just dont understand why you would do that much upgrading outside of fort. Especially on a flak tower. Just points down the drain