FIGHT PITS seriously 😳


POWER! (Or too much money?)


I breed a dragon once outside of breed event for 12k tokens… I still feel dirty to this day


I backbred Jotun outside of the event :see_no_evil:


There’s this concept in driving called ‘10 seconds ahead’. When driving you don’t focus on what’s directly in front of you, you focus on what’s 10 seconds ahead of you. Awareness and smart decision-making comes from focusing ahead within a reasonable distance and timeframe.

I feel like PG is behind the wheel, but their head is out the window like a golden retriever, ears and gums flapping in the wind, big dumb grin on their face, staring straight down at the dashes…:man_shrugging:t3:


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Andddddddd… let the flagging commence :joy:


Ty pg



On that I agree, it’s too much. I was simply confronting the idea of not doing any upgrade at all outside fortification. Yes, some are ok. Embers related? Hell no


I do get upgrading outside of fort, but I’ll generally pick a lower level basic tower and just let the time run down naturally or speed it up as close to the start of fort as I can get it. Personal preference, I guess :woman_shrugging:


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Changing event after announcing sucks.

And fight pits made sense. Why change.

They want to make us think they listen to the player base but they do so only for this insignificant stuff that still causes troubles to those that had acted based on the first announcement. 5 hours to change your mind? So did you think it was a bad decision to have the fight pits and went with it anyway only to cause an uproar in here and pretend you would listen? Was changing the event planned ahead? Is it just stupidity? What is it? Can’t you ever decide something and stick with it recently?
@PGChocolate @PGCrisis @Arelyna or whoever…

Of all the times that I’ve read that the forums represent only a small part of the player base, you choose this one to “change your mind and listen to player’s feedback” in here. Meh.

I’m so disgusted with PG’s behavior recently.


So here’s the funny thing: You were one of the ones that was happy with PvP, but when PG did their about face, your solution is to come and whine on the forums - the very thing you’re denouncing those who came in the first place for doing.

Fascinating, what draws people to the forums, eh?


Nothing to be thankful for, it is supposed to be the RIGHTFUL event if only @PGChocolate knows what cadence she is in really :man_shrugging:t2:


I’m not Pestilence and I don’t want to speak for them but…

People here complain about anything and everything recently. And demand changes that maybe most of the players wouldn’t ask for or wouldn’t even want or need.
And what for anyway?
Why demand this change in the first place.

This is all nonsense.


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I finished pretty much all lines n i want fort n i compete hmm


Understood. But, what, do you think, is driving that sentiment?

Could it be a general state of unease in the playerbase because so many fucking things are absolutely jacked up, and PG has refused to sufficiently address any of them? Do you suppose that tensions are generally high, and so when yet another thing happens, people try again to be heard.

And then there’s the more conspiracy-theory oriented hypothesis: They planned on having Fortification, but said, “Hold up, wait a minute. Let’s announce something they’ll fucking hate, then, when they are outraged, we can come back and announce that we listened to them and win points!”



It should be fort anyways per Candace so we are wanting what it should be its simple :smiley:


I think players somehow started feeling entitled to some stuff they are not entitled to and started demanding things that make no sense.

Yes the game is glitchy. Yes they want (too much) money. Well… We can uninstall. But demanding? The only thing we could demand is for them to fix the things they break with every update.

Now let’s see what happened here with events…

People complained for CENTURIES that PvPs were boring, that they didn’t like any of them and please come up with better events and blablabla.

PG understands “they don’t like PvPs, let’s try reducing them and go with a 3 weeks cadence”

But no. Now people complain there are too few PvP events and that forts and breeds are too close to one another because PG is greedy. And PvPs were the best events to open chests and score points for the season and so on and so forth.

PG says let’s go back to the regular cycle. But hey. They had so few PvPs recently and so many forts close to each other that they were complaining about… Let’s put another PvP in between so that this fort is 4 weeks after the last one instead of 2 or 3 and they can hoard stuff…

But no! Riot!

This is what’s happening recently for almost anything. Complaints after complaints after complaints.