FIGHT PITS seriously 😳


The last Fort was 4 weeks ago.


Fort, temple raid, feed, now fort. That’s 3 weeks. What am I missing?




I think this pretty much summaries what’s going on. Too many things are wrong, and too few questions are answered. You can pretty much expect outrage at anything, even when not deserved. Comes with the territory.


Fort was a month ago n they released that earth flak after fort as well lets not forget that so some have a lvl 1 flak and have been waiting for fort to up it as dude above did yesterday


You’re right. But point about complaints still stands


N now u see why the uproar 4 weeks they said its back to 4 weeks so ir would be fort not pvp! Pvp should be start of new season which now we know whats next week lol


There’s an assumption in here. You might want to check it, along with your privilege.

I’m not sure I’ve seen any evidence of this.

Seriously, with everything that has happened this season, the players whining on the forums is the straw that broke the camel’s back for you?

I’ll agree with this, while also pointing out that they already do.

You mean spend more money on game.

Well, I guess you’re just going to have to learn to live with disappointment then? It seems that you’re somewhat out of touch with what things are like outside of whatever league you’re in (I’m operating on the assumption of D1, but I could be wrong).

And if you didn’t take to the forums to whine to PG, then you took to the forums to whine to…the forum community? To what end?

Oh, I’m sorry! You’re absolutely right! Your desires are obviously more rationally thought out than my own, and I concede. Please, PG, let us have Fight Pits! We yearn oh so strongly for a PvP event, now that we have been set in our proper place!


Who decided this?
People complained that PvP was not in the first 2 weeks last time and they changed it but nobody said it should be the first week. No big deal if it was the second…


Lol i was just stating it should be the start of the season! not it should in General its the way the Candace runs


It should of been breed feed fort pvp but it got jacked up with kingdom wars or w.e the hell tht new event was called :laughing:


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This one i dont disagree with they do want that! Im sure u spent alot of cash to n seeing shit handed out is crazy bull shit but alot of us are implying that they are not going with what they stated the Candace change fort should be next per them they also stated feed takes over pvp which i dont understand why instead of week of feed have a 5 week Candace just for feed but they said 4 week rhey screwed up throwing tech 2 pvps back to back throwing last event off from being a pvp


I honestly think you’re just ignorant to the actual issues that players are arguing with PG about. Yes, people don’t like most PVPs. Yes, the new cadence gave us less PVPs that we don’t like. However, what PG and possibly you fail to realise is that we don’t dislike the premise of PVPs, we dislike the current PVPs because most of them are boring, repetitive, and can undo hours of work with megacoins. We didn’t want less PVPs (at least, those of us who like chests don’t), we want better PVPs.

What about the 300 wall? I don’t see why complaining about that is a bad thing. It’s absolutely ludicrous that it takes the same amount of speedups to go from 300-357 as it did from 1-300. Unless you feel entitled enough to put logical levelling behind a paywall, then anyone could see the reason for complaining about that.

Yes, they changed the cadence back, we were all happy. But if they had kept the next event as being Pits, it would have made it NOT the old cadence. Feeding has always replaced a major, but now it was as though it was a minor. We just want consistency and communication. If you think wanting that makes us entitled, then whatever. I’m entitled then.

Also, let me know when sitting on your ass and accepting all the bad decisions gets anything good done. Thank the complainers for making the game experience even somewhat tolerable when they can force some reasoning into PG’s greed-riddled brains.


I agree atlas had to be changed ive got screwed by the trapper at low lvl n burnt my troops n im pissed about the damn egg decreased as i earned n spent threw that same shit they want all dragons free n the 300 wall broke down fuck that work that shit like the rest of us are


Would have been very happy to have this stay with the announced event. Fight pits is by no means a favorite, but would have been infinity preferable to another grinding for res event - especially to end the season when people are after sigils to finish off lines.


It should be but they somehow thought pvp then feed was so bright


Just to be clear, I dont want fort for “easy sigils” or so I dont have to compete. I want fort because it’s been 4 weeks since the last one, and I’ve got dragons I cant hatch yet due to level requirements. I’d like to be able to build up so I can hatch the dragons I bred 2 weeks ago. I’d also like to open my saved chests during a pvp event in the first 2 weeks of the new season.

Personal reasons for wanting fort aside, PG already stated they were going back to the normal 4 week cadence, which would mean this next event shouldve been fort anyway. People arent whining that they want free stuff, they just want equal treatment and equal offers, and equal packs in the store. Apparently that’s too much to ask, but at least they changed it back to fort next week :man_shrugging:


I’d say because you’re saying that people are wrong for voicing opinions opposed to yours, and then summarizing that it all boils down to entitlement. But it’s also because statements like this:

…demonstrate that you’re talking from a position of privilege. No amount of working your butt off will make you great at this game faster than maxing out your Master Card.

Well, unless you’re counting the hackers. I guess they’re working their butts off.

And for the record - I could not possibly care less if it was a PvP event to finish off the season. I just think that lumping everyone who did speak up into a sub-group of “entitled babies” shows a level of elitism that I have abhorred in video game communities for years.


Thank you so much, I was not aware of anything you just said! /s

This. 100%