FIGHT PITS seriously 😳


PG is doing a wonderful work for ruining the game on their own, no help needed


There are many


You [both] seriously believe that PG listening to the community is ruining the game?

As in - the game was so much better before they started listening to the community?

As in - the game would be so much better if they would just stop listening to the community and go back to running things the way they used to, designing dragons without player input, working on Atlas without player input…

That’s your ideal scenario?

Just checking temperature here.


This is not a work your butt off and get rewarded game. The people who work their butts off get screwed by things like megacoins that big spenders drop on them constantly for example. This game is all about spending.

Also, people complained about the announcement of kingdom wars because it would be a change up from the 4 week cadence we were told would be coming back.


Well clearly if you think wanting those things fixed is entitled whining. Glad you are self-aware to some degree. :grin:


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Um or maybe they’re mad because PG gave thousands of dollars of content to a player who quit while giving nothing to loyal players? Considering how you talk, I can only assume you’re a big spender so I’d think, with a little more reading comprehension, you too would be angry about someone getting what you paid for by simply giving up.


So them lying to us should make everyone happy? Failing to stay with the 4 weeks as told !!! Thats okay right? So lying to us all works for u right? Them saying that they will fix game would discredit themselfs if they didnt have fort they screwed up in general throwing pvp then feed not alot of people whom want to build n need to build to remove caps on the 300 wall! Pvp u get more sigils and prizes anyways so ur point about sigils is invalid to a extent


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Pretty sure they just want fair and equal opportunities in the game. Giving free stuff to quitters and “special” packs that are worth twice a normal pack to non spenders is what they are mad about.


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What is becoming an issue? You act like PG makes their decisions solely off what people say in the forums or that the game is better off if players didn’t express their concerns. Many people here don’t want free stuff, we want some form of balance. Excuse me if that’s too much to ask for.

I am not picking on you. You can disagree with the majority, in fact it brings up interesting conversations. But all you did is come here and complain which is the exact thing you complained about! What good does that do?


You mean like the daily log in bonuses that only select players get, or the special rewards from the Bounty Harbour that some other players get? Again, I just want fair and equal opportunities. If PG is going to give those to some players, they need to make it standard for everyone. Not trying to attack you or pick your comments apart, I just think you’re complaining about the wrong things.


And i sure aint asking for shit either i want them t stick to what they stated not keep changing it they stated 4 week not 5 not 3 but 4 week i do not need any sigils period i just want them to start sticking to what the hell they state period! The constant lying to players even paying players shouldnt happen when we are the ones keeping there servers going!


So I’m really mad about this bait and switch. It was announced that fight pits would be last event like 2 weeks ago. I was prepared for pvp event. I now have to scramble because I started long builds in anticipation of pvp this week.


Where was that announced? I totally missed that.


I missed it to n im here lot :smiley:


The “masses” aren’t asking for free stuff. If that’s what you got by reading that thread I would check your reading comprehension.

This is the biggest fricken laugh right here. Lets examine a few player ideas and let me know if you think they are bad for the sustainability of the game:

  1. Fixing gold chests drops. Pg has had the same chest drops (barring pearls and ember amounts and more recently 1 mil xp potions) for 2.5 years. Players want that to change since, oh I don’t know, gold isn’t the top tier and 31s aren’t the max tower level.
  2. Give a way to grind timers. The 300 wall is currently the highest source of attrition. Players want a way to progress through time and effort and not have to pay $2k a tower.
  3. A severe crack down on cheats. The same cheating techniques that were present at the beginning of the game are still around and accounts are 500+ using this and other cheats. Players want cheats severely reduced for an enjoyable playing experience.
  4. Fixing the existing game instead of trying different deviations of cadence, or other superficial coverups. Even deeper than this, just in general good communication and proper follow through. If pg says they’re reverting back to a 4 week cadence and then the announce an event which pushes 2 events to a 5 week cadence and possibly ruins the discount period approach for those “bust your butt” players by not having a pvp in that period, did they actually follow through on what they said?

Do you actually oppose these ideas by the “masses” and want pg to continue on their path of player turnover and increasing season costs?


I don’t know why everyone is so surprised at breeding they announced cadence rotation going back to 4 cycle means breed temple(pvp) feed (replacement for fort) i.e. pvp next BOOM easy enough to figure


Because feeding didnt replace fort in the cadence. It was inserted to get back to a 4 week cadence. If fort had been last week instead of feed, it still wouldve been a 3 week cadence (which PG already said was being reverted to 4 weeks).