FIGHT PITS seriously 😳


2 plus yrs feed has always took over a pvp they screwed up with there flips of Candace n we want it the way it should


I personally would like a 5 week Candace so they can add feed n new events to rotations while having fun in older events :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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I hadn’t considered that you make a good point


I’m sure there is plenty of bad for recent changes, especially for players in your position (don’t know what that is, just assuming by your comments), but for the majority of players the changes have been beneficial. As a general statement, yes, people on the forums are not exceptionally tolerant of separate ideas, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push them through. You have and have had good ideas.

Unless this comes from PG or maybe GPF this is just talk. As for people asking for free stuff, some do, but most don’t. Most of us just want to be rewarded for playing the game (I guess that is kinda free) and to have the game reasonably balanced for all players.


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I don’t care what dread has I don’t care what spending ingame has gotten you all I care about is fairness not equality spenders should have an advantage pg is a business not a charity but when only some get special login bonuses,special discount offers and people below level 275 are punished for defending in atlas then I care and then I will complain.


Agree with this…
I dont consider asking for quality in whhat you pay for to be considered as “whining”…
If the guy is referencing the “vanguard tier post” then yes people asked for free stuff… only to make a point that if these people got free stuff then everyone wants free stuff… otherwise we all want an equal gaming experience and quality of the game…

As for spenders… yes there should be a gap… all games gave spending capabilities… what’s the point if it doesnt give you some thing right…

I love how some… diamond players come in here whining about the little guys whining :joy::joy::joy:

All everyone wants is this:

  1. "Quality"game without glitches and breaks.
  2. “Consitency” from the game and the management… you say your gonna do something… do it… :+1:
  3. Revive rates that actually make sense… we need somewhere in the middle of original and this current mess… but this just isn’t working.
  4. and apparently a 300 wall break which I’m not invested in yet personally… but would be nice when I reach that soon :grin:

And these are just some of the basic ideas of the player base…
None of these are BAD… if anyone wants to see bad.
Try having a game without the players input…see what happens… oh yeah… that did happen… hmm… :grin::thinking:


@Pestilence To be honest it doesn’t surprise me to see so many “I want” and “give me”. Everything in this game has a cost:

Fly a dragon: 30 min minimum if you don’t want to spend potions. This is the main fun of the game

Fly a dragon on PvP: energy, and potions.

Feed/ build: use outdated packs which helps almost nothing. Attack players and don’t get RSS you should, so you spend potions and boosts for naught.

Eggs: again outdated amounts. Solution is grind with ember paying in rubies and wasting your time attacking the same bases with the same dragon (dull and ruins the game in my personal opinion).

I’m not even starting on atlas. But as you see every aspect on this game has a cost, which far surpasses the benefits. That’s why players have to plan their season, as the want to reduce the costs as much as possible. And that’s why coming with unexpected events brings revolt.

If you spend in WD please do so, but don’t feel privileged over the players who don’t. It’s not because you pay that you own a part of WD. Hell, even your account is not exactly yours according to their tcs 🤷 And do understand paying players are not more or less important to the game than the non ones.

And for the record, I said somewhere “to give” better value for packs, even if I’ll not be buying them. And there are so many here that press for else’s benefit. So not all of us are greedy for free stuff.


Most important for me is a set or predictable event rotation, as this game requires alot of planning if you want to progress at a nice pace and do well in event for your team and yourself.
So by saying we went back to old cadence then fort and breed is every 4 weeks.

If they want to mix it up then just announce more in advance the next 3-4 events so we can act accordingly.

Personally I would like all minor event to be active always and you choose where you want to progress and throw in special pvp on weekends or like atlas every 3-4 days and they run a shorter amount of time.

I dont want free stuff I want to be able to work for it by either putting in time actually playing the game , or if your lazy pay to progress faster.
I’ve always been a grinder and I think the game would be better of if playing the game was more rewarding then it is , and it would be more fun if more people are online more often.
I love having defenders when I attack as it makes you pay more attention and make it more challenging, playing with or against other players is always more fun, then the mindless pve content.


This topic was about Fight Pits. It is now Fortification. Options for on-topic posting are therefore:

  1. Somehow related to Fight Pits
  2. Somehow related to Fortification
  3. Somehow related to Event Cadence
  4. Starting a new topic if you want to talk about something else like atlas and general complaints about the forums or whatever.


Um, GPF has absolutely nothing to do with Atlas. Unless the GPF was also a member of the Atlas Earlybird program (I’m not btw) then what they have to say about Atlas is their own personal opinion and they aren’t operating with more info than any regular forum member (when it comes to Atlas stuff…)

On topic: I’m seriously glad that PG didn’t decide to screw up the event cadence all over again. This season has been a crazy mess. At least we got some kick-ass dragons though :slight_smile:


Oops. Didn’t know how GPF worked with Atlas


No worries! And we don’t, like at all. We provide feedback on upcoming dragons and core game hot topics.


You should move to a small forum, where the rule of law still exists. You will not survive here. You’re not a wolf. And this is the land of wolves now.


:eyes: Does that make me a forum mod by default then?


Lol I created this post with a purpose( change pits for fort) and is already done by PG. is true that went very off topic :joy:.


There’s no other way unfortunately, unavoidable :rofl:


GOD REALLY FORT AGAIN…OK FOLKS THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS…WE NEED DIFFERENT EVENTS. GEEZ SEEMS WE HAVE DONE 3 FORTS ALREADY. CANT YALL COME UP WITH SOMETHING ELSE. GETTING REALLY redundant. And why not have Double Chest Drop Tuesdays. Or Treasure Hunt Tuesdays so whatever event it is players can stock up on resources for the event. Come on now…Princess