FIGHT PITS seriously 😳


You must be new here? :thinking:


Uhh, Fort happens every 4 weeks.


Not new here but it seems like it occurs more frequently than every 4 wks.


It doesn’t. Since the last fort we have had breeding, feeding, and temple raid


It’s just my humble opinion, but… I’m thinking that since the Fortification Event is a done deal, this thread can be put to rest. Any complaints about Fort Event, Event Cadence, or any “complaints about complaints” in general could be better served in a separate and unrelated thread. That’s just my 2 cents.


You are new to the forums eh?

Welcome :slight_smile:

A while ago there was a cadence change that put events at 3 weeks between each type (fort, breeding, pvp) and they have since changed it back to 4 weeks between.

If you need a history of events please look at our unofficial website (but still tracks info properly)


Nah, it’s gonna be feeding. In fact feeding will be every other week from here on out.


Thanks Darlin appreciate you.


Lets see the entire time feeding has been around. I only see 1 time in there that it didn’t.


Twice. Check it again. It also didn’t take the place of pvp at the start of this season.


Feeding is the red headed stepchild of events. It’s kinda just there and only a few people like it and enjoy it. Mostly it just bothers people by being around and tempers flare up when you need to interact with it. It also shows up rather unexpectedly


No once. That other time the fort and feeding are just swapped. Just look for 3 minors in a row and that shows you.


Sorry just tired of the same ole same ole…need new events.


Not sure what happened in June, but it clearly has a pvp after feeding.


Time flies when you’re misera— uh, having fun…


It has not coincided with breeding and fort 3 times out of 9 in the history of the event (according to That is a 33% occurrence. So while it is not unheard of I don’t think we could say that it is common practice.


Yeah and we dont do capture the flag anymore some of the events we were doing are no more. We definitely need new and fun events.


Be kind to redheads! And stepchildren!


This green medbox im trunk is what PG is on when rushing updates! :rofl:

P.S. Johnny Depp as: Hunter S. Thompson is awesome.


Please let it be Fort.