FIGHT PITS seriously 😳


Isn’t that how this event works anyway?




At this point I’m happy to see them exist at least. I doubt it will be different from forms we’ve seen previously


Because players loved the 5k sigil drops so much they’ve now added a 10k sigil drop! Oh and all other drops are changed to 25 sigils only, but that’s just a detail. Just think of that 0.03% chance!


Come on, the odds are CLEARLY POSTED.



At first i was just on pack spending strike becuase of the special offers to people who dont spend or less active or not active at all. (Way to bash loyal spending player base) Than you also screw up event cadence and promise to fix it and now pvp instead of fort and screw player base again. I need 3 levels for 4 dragon levels but i cant level out of fort becuase your level 300 wall will take 12 upgrades of 36 days each. Best part if i wanted to complete aristat line i would need to spend on a 100 pack. Now i say f it going to become casual player because i like the game but my spending days are over. I wont finish the only thing i wanted from season besides lorenzo which i got but is also broken for me. Any gear i put on him doesnt actually work number change but my base stays weak. So thanks for the uselss defensive rider also👍 Been confirmed by your team and got my 800 rubies back for gear swaps so generious yay


Just to add the cherry of failed logic on top :unamused: “but the math is the same”. Let other peoplebe the guinea pigs. :see_no_evil:


I’m really hoping that’s with research applied because I would hate to question what you’ve done to your base and with your breeding path if you are 300+ and your towers take so little time before research…



Where I’m currently sitting…could be worse…could be a lot better :disappointed_relieved:
was really expecting a fortification


@PGChocolate Any chance we could get an explanation of the “logic” behind this horrible choice? (Lol, I know I know, I could barely type that with a straight face)

Well, guess I get that week of token grinding I needed while we still have the 200% boost


Explanation: we want people to open gold chests in the last event of the season so they don’t have gold chests for the start of next season and therefore spending is almost a must if you want to maximize the first two events.

Blink twice if I am right, PGChoco.


You misspelled insanity :rofl:




Seriously, give us fort so it stays on the 4 week rotation. Noone wants this shit


I just can’t, even… Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

My season is over I guess. Got Pathox and Lorenzo so I guess I’m all set and can save those inner fire and energy packs for next season but for the life of me, I don’t know why. Sigil costs will just go up again.


Simply a measure to avoid hoarding at the end of the season. The only scenario I’d be doing the event is to meet the team minimum.

On another hand I don’t really get why people like to open chests during PvP this much anyway. Energy crates and inner fire drops provide zero benefit to main game progression and are sought after in bulk for as little as to compete against other teams for a not worth mentioning difference in team rewards. To me, PvP is only a mere play to make players spend for as little return for their money as possible without them even realizing… just so they can spend more.


I can only speak for myself, but I like to open in PvP because I despise food/lumber packs as well as xp potions. Plus, the inners and energy packs allow me to get more rubies off PvP so I can turn those pretty lil gems into tokens so I can breed. So, for me, it’s integral to my play style progression.


That’ looks approx with full 37% time reduction


Yeah, I didn’t mean there are no rewards. Just in comparison I think PvP is the least beneficial type of event for progression. Hitting 450 sigils during other events comes much easier too, much less time invested for rewards. Of course there is the mega coin…


Same here, I only open chests during pvps. Stuff that can be directly stolen from others is bad ROI. :eyes: