FIGHT PITS seriously 😳


You would think, as any rational person interested in keeping a happy playerbase would, that they would wait until next season to implement a reversion… Not suddenly throw another abrupt change into an already messed up, and poorly handled, “experiment” season. Unless the experiment is to see how many people we can piss off and still stay afloat?


It’s a tie between feed and fight pits for me… So yeah either way.


Naw, it’s already fubar so why not continue :joy::joy:


You enjoy kingdom wars?
That event is below both fight pits and feeding for me lol


LMFAO, no, no that’s just a grind fest. That’s also terrible. Although, I rank it slightly higher because megas are not required and in the long haul is generally a detriment to your progress.


I don’t like this at all. Fight Pits is not an enjoyable event. Everybody was prepared for Fort. Anyways - I am not opening a single chest this weekend. Will be doing the bare minimum for my team.


Can’t wait for sh*t pits to start :joy::joy:


Hahaha, I was hoping fortification event, but tis not to be it seems, oh well, I like fighting anyway


PG’s primary goal is not to provide enjoyment in the game but to increase their profit margins. Apparently the numbers do not show a correlation. Thats just my opinion…but what do I know. :man_shrugging:t2:


will be the lowest score possible!


You’re clearly forgetting about Kingdom Wars.

Next season will be alternating between Fight Pits and Kingdom Wars.


@PGJared @PGCrisis @PGChocolate

Very dissappointed! You move fort 1 week late, and will start the new seasons discount time with fort + breed events…

I doubt that you play this game as we do … otherwise what sense did that move made ???

PvP events give less sigils… not many teams are able to win team archivements… as in fortification…
For Fort you wouldnt have to pay… This pvp event you need…

If pvp would be next season as expected… people would open there safed stuff, and be good all season…
Now they cant…

Tell me , one of you who is responsible for this aswell… Where is the sense ???

I asked you during “black friday” , that you bring something for Users , as reduction time in fort, or more value for a special time… Did you do ???.. Instead of it a event , which most users hate…

Tell me , who is ruling war dragons nowdays ? If you cant speak for this, then who ?


I agree, Zik. Think about it: last week of season, sigil chests and pvp event with cost resets every 4 hr round. Like Oreos and milk for Santa to PG​:joy::joy:


I absolutely cannot wait to see what comes of this.





Anyone who does not buy packs and instead counts on being able to grind and save has just been forced to choose between letting their team down (potentially affecting ranking) and nullifying a lot of personal progress in the upcoming season.

And that is fucked up.

Once again the almighty dollar supercedes effort.


getting tired of this crap feed is suppose to take over pvp so tech we would have 3 pvps back to back!


Absolutely Love It.

I am done with seasonal goals so would much rather have easy sigil scoring at start of next season for whole team. Fort or breed easier to hit 1200 team sigils than sh.t pits for team


I guess I’m wondering why everyone is surprised? I figured it would be pvp since they are back to alternating, and we had pvp last week? :woman_shrugging: Makes sense to me.