FIGHT PITS seriously 😳


Ffs I really hope that’s a joke. Please change it, that’s a stupid bad new ! :triumph:


Because historically the feeding event has supplanted a PvP event.

Also, since decreasing the frequency of PvP events was the motivation behind the whole cadence change in the first place, it would stand to reason that feeding would replace a PvP event as it has always done.

Also, PG has (with few exceptions) been fairly consistent with the spacing of breeding and fortification events. I think many people assumed this particular feeding event was a pad to avoid having to discount points in the next fort because of the cadence changes earlier on.


Oh I don’t know, could be because they literally never had feeding in between two pvp events before? Because this pushes the time between fort events to 5+ (very rare) and the time between breeding to 6+ (not happened since dragon olympics), or alternatively they’ll start another season without a pvp in the discount weeks.

All of these things are highly irregular or completely new, and all of them are shitty. This is surprising because they tried something shitty and new without communicating already earlier this season and then profoundly apologised for it. So it’s a bit surprising even for PG to forget this in less than two weeks and do the same stupid thing again.



It was more like:

“Alright, listen. I hear ya, I get it. I went ahead and changed it back. Is that cool? Are we cool now? A’ight, sweet.”

bro hug

“Hey I gotta go. check you later!”



PG we all agree this is your game. But on the other hand we are paying for it. Do whatever you want and we will do the same.

That being said, would it be such a shame to give us an event calendar per season? You know something we could use to plan our action in advance? I am sorry but I don’t see any downside to it. It looks like it is related to how much money your company need to make on a specific week.

I am an accountant and trust me, no one in our company would ever let’s the finance department make all the calls.

Steve Jobs quote: if you keep your eye on profit, you’re going to skimp on the product. But if you focus on making really great products, then the profits will follow.


True, I may have been too charitable there. But them admitting a fuck up at all is unusual, so I guess it felt profound…

The thing they said sorry for wasn’t the new cadence itself by the way. It was for not communicating about it ahead of time. Kinda like they did again this time…


PG logic has gotten a bit too fuzzy even for me. Good luck with the mega wars everyone!


Best way to saves RSS and chests for next season or money for a new game.


lol mike u got a point but i mean is a pvp likely so fast after ending the season with a pvp? that would mean another pvp with 1 week gap?

end this season with pvp, then a non pvp as first event of nee season, and as for second event of new season again pvp? it seems impossible


If only PGCoffee is still here smh :man_facepalming: @PGChocolate this isnt what fixing the event cadence means duhh


I am too late… I missed the first 100 posts … damn… but I am pretty happy about this event being the last one this season. I know you’re asking why, and thinking I have lost my last screw but I’ll tell you why:

Those, who have already achieved whatever they wanted this season can sit this one out, and those, who really need something, can drop their coins in. There’s not much at stake, maybe those ranking points matter.

On the other hand, this means the new season starts with Fortification… Not the greatest time to open the gold chests, especially since the gold chest drops are still very… khm… poor.


God I hate fight pits please change it. My week is already looking kinda grim but please don’t make it worse with this god awful event. Can we do fort please? Gauntlet? Kingdom Wars? Anything but this horrid event.


Does it really mean that though?

I mean would it really surprise anyone if it wasn’t?


Surprise! Instead of fortification, we’re going to throw all your expectations under the bus and do breeding instead! Isn’t life exciting?



You’re not making the compelling point you think you are…


but we have just had a breeding event, haven’t we?
According to the 4-week cadence (or anticadence, I can’t follow these changes :confused:) it should be Forti. But of course, nothing certain (but rain, tax, and death)

@SuavMcDreamy, I don’t care…


Pfft I’m telling my team to do what they want this event, I’m personally just doing enough to get the final gold chests on prospero will be ANOTHER event I can save my $ on hopefully enough do the same that it gets through to them that they screwed the pooch AGAIN… but I won’t hold my breath


PG has certainly taught us all that nothing can be assumed


true, add this to the list:

old poster… but that is the event this week now…


Pg’s Car tyres must be all over the road from that screeching direction change