FIGHT PITS seriously 😳



So it is Fort, not fight pits?


So - pg hears complaints about an event and changes it -

But hears complaints about players being unhappy with choices and the scaling in atlas - and silence?


You seem surprised by this fact?


correct. I’m sure there will be an official announcement about it later


No worries, just head spinning a bit.

I was ambivalent about the fight pits. Not my favorite but meant more timers if another week, conversely meant likelihood of starting a season without a pvp though.


yay fort! gold chests saved for start of new season, whew


This game is giving me an ulcer.




Well darn, so much for the silver lining I’d found to it being fight pits… Though huzzah for fort! :tada: It’s a much better event to end with :partying_face:


Smfh this game is out of control!!



this is how I feel events are starting to go lol


Oh. Great if they change it to Fort :grin:


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: that is so adorable!


… and we’re the litter box in the background :joy::roll_eyes::confused:


What the hell is going on? How can pg push one event then β€œoh sorry we changed our minds?” What bullshit is this? How are you to keep your customers/players happy if you keep screwing us over? Get your stuff together PG!


what is the point? everybody complained about not having Fort and now you complain because they change it to Fort?


mission: Impossible to satisfy anyone these days…


PG listened :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


We’re complaining because we’re fed up of having our chains yanked :unamused:


If pg listens why dont they comment on the 4.90 thread?