FIGHT PITS seriously 😳


New event: FORT PITS!


What if I like my chain being yanked…:wink:


What is it hooked up to? :eyes:




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Touché. Though I prefer someone other than PG to do the yanking… my trust has been eroded away to all but nothing with their shenanigans.


and the other end? :wink:


other wallet.



Let the flogging … oops, the flagging begin :rofl:


I actually prefer pits to fort as I’m done for season. Anyone who has anything else left to do this season can always buy sigil chests.

Fort to open next season would be great as that means a fort pvp open.

People need to THINK before kicking up a fuss.

You can’t fix stupid :man_shrugging:


I officially retract at least 40% of my ranting. Thanks for letting us know!


@Sam I was just thinking of you. I hope you’re having a great Cyber Monday.


@Lx460 how many times do you need to be told not to bump a thread? SMH


I’m not done yet. Still need Path’s harb and vanguard stones. Although, is it worth pursuing if I’m in the 180s right now? :thinking:


YAAS. Indeed.


:scream: I’m only on the sapphire stone. Luckily I have a shit ton of rubies :laughing:


This is your final final warning… :joy::metal:


Thanks LX, I had a very nice nap today. On my fourth cup of hazelnut coffee. :grin:


Shhh… you’ll get banned for speaking so kindly around PG ears… :eyes:


I much prefer a pvp-breeding opening, breeding in week 2 makes it much easier to postpone buying token boosts to week 3, freeing up sigils for the discount line. Maybe you’re not as ahead with thinking as you thought, but rather lagging a bit behind…