FIGHT PITS seriously 😳


There’s that word again…

I’m done too, but my wife isn’t and she was livid because we don’t spend on this shitshow and she needs the rubies for next season.

Which should now be a PvP-breed open :man_shrugging:t3:


What was that about sigil chests all being 25… is that new? I am oblivious sometimes so I could have totally missed it :grin:


Not me! Feeding is a grind and I for one am happy not to follow it with a PvP event. They said they were going back to the old cadence anyway so pushing Fort and Breeding back was a confusing decision.


Don’t worry, that was just satire… I hope. As far as we know they will be normal, but with PG lately you never know.


Do you know anything of the prize tiers? Will they be reverted back to the old points?


I rather have Fight Pits now and Fortification next season.


Using rubies I mean… Not real dollars… I would never recommend that! :joy:


I don’t know for sure. But since we’re back to the normal timeframe since the last fort, I’d expect them to revert (which is fair)


Even Judge Judy would give us compensation for the mental anguish of the past few …

Edit: Judge Judy don’t suffer no fools either :flushed:

Edit 2: Okay, I lied. Judge Judy would chew us out for taking the game too seriously. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


They did say in the cadence reversal post that they would go back to the old tiers.


Every pack needs to come with a valium salt lick…
For all the stress here lately :unamused:


I suppose that’s one silver lining.

Fort will almost always be a bigger scorer for more players than breed.


Will it really? The “medium” tiers that most people get (720k points in fort / 150k tokens in breed) give the same rewards (50 sigils more for breed). Pushing to 3 million in fort is probably a bit easier than pushing to 390k tokens, but both are a stretch for most people.


I think they should just extend feeding event by the rest of season :thinking: let all this drama hit the peak :joy:


Use the fight pits poster but cross out all the stuff on it and put fortification stuff?
The poster will be messy as hell, almost like a hidden meaning in there :roll_eyes:


/ban @DrWho


LOL I feel the same
You made me laugh, thank you sir


But…I was being serious. :disappointed_relieved:




I’m sorry but this is an effing joke… i just used all my speed ups yesterday after they announced fight pits. I’d rather have fight pits than damn fortification already…