Fight pits started early?!

I just logged in and found the typical fight pits message you get at round end:

What’s happening? I’m in Plat4

@arylena @crisis

This is usually a bug that happens when fight pits come around. The event has not started yet.

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@Crisis @Arelyna IIRC this is a “pre bug” and there is something PG does to make sure the event starts correctly? Tagging you just to be safe.

Lucky are the teams who dont start from 0

Well, if PG really wants to start the event with us promoted, I guess that would be OK but I think quite a bit of D2 would be upset. :slight_smile:


We had this for the last months ever time pits started… only once it screwed the Event, the other time / times everything was normal at the Start

I won’t feel better until PG says not to worry. I’m just that kinda cat…

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The event has not started. Everything should be fine!


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