Fight Pits Updates

This week, we will be releasing two new updates to Fight Pits! Our team is in the final rounds of testing them, so if all goes accordingly, we will ship these features. But as usual, things are subject to change. But for now, below is what we intend to go live with.

Ultra Attack

We’ve heard players’ concerns about our Major PvP events feeling too grindy with the constant repetitive attacks being required to succeed during the event. So starting in next week’s Fight Pits event, we will be introducing our newest feature, Ultra Attacks! Below are the details.

  • Ultra Attacks will cost 3 Mega Coins (300 Energy & 60 Inner Fires).
  • Ultra Attacks will result in 90x the current attack point value.
  • 15 minute Ultra Attack Disable - During the last 15 minutes of every round, Ultra Attacks will be disabled.
  • Ultra Attacks can only be used once every 6 hours.
  • Ultra Attacks will be considered successful if a player destroys 70%+ of an enemy base.
  • If the ultra attack is not successful, players will received partial points (points * x% completion of base is awarded). 0% destroyed results in a refund.

Please note: when purchasing Mega Coins with resources on the Ultra Attack panel, you will only be able to purchase Mega Coins in groups of three.

Co-Op Raids

Co-Op Raids are a new opportunity to collaborate with your teammates and earn points in events. Perform any successful attack on your enemies and this will now trigger the opportunity for three of your teammates to raid the base for a small energy cost. View available raids and track your team’s raid statistics in the Raid menu and its various leaderboards. Here are some more details on how Co-op Raids work:

  • For example, Player A attacks a base during a PvP event round
    • This attack can be of any type (normal, super, wildfire, mega, ultra)
    • Player A earns normal points for this attack
    • Assuming the attack is successful, three players on the same team can now Co-Op Raid the same base
    • The three players are chosen randomly from all eligible team members (Players B-D)
    • Player A cannot Co-Op Raid the same base because of this attack
    • If Player Z also successfully attacks this base, Player A may get the opportunity to activate a Co-Op Raid against this target
    • Co Op points attainable is based off of the Basic Attack Value (ex: 100 points) not dependent on what attack style Player A opts for. If you attack a 100 point base with a mega attack (potentially worth 3000 points), your teammates can give you a bonus 20 points and secure 100 points for themselves and no greater.
  • Players B-D now have access to a Co-Op Raid on that target
    • Co-Op Raids are visible in the Raid UI
    • Co-Op Raids cost 4 energy
    • Co-Op Raids give both the raiding player 100% and Player A 20% of base’s points for personal event score
  • A player can have a max of 5 Co-Op Raids available at once
    • If a player has 5 Co-Op Raids available already, they are not eligible for more and are not included in the randomized check to see who gets the raid
  • Each player can complete a maximum of 10 Co-Op Raids per day
    • Players can benefit from an unlimited number of other players completing Co-Op raids that they triggered
    • Players who have completed their maximum number of Co-Op Raids per day are not eligible for more and are not included in the randomized check to see who gets the raid

Please Note: This feature will only be available for Fight Pits for now. We will review feedback and then consider building Co-Op Raids for other major events.