Fight Pits - worst event ever?


  1. Round 1 ended 15 minutes early.
  2. it’s all about dropping tons of mega coins last minute
  3. that means 5.5 hrs of the round are pointless
  4. and that it’s the rich teams that win. Zero skill needed, just a fat wallet.

This results in a really crappy event.

Again, it revolves mostly around the greedy money grab known as the mega coin.

I think a boycott is in order, folks.


I agree with all your points, minus #1. There are a total of 3 event clocks. The one on the event island, the energy refresh one, and the tiny little one next to the round number. If you look closely, the energy clock and the round clock are offset by 15 minutes.

So, the round technically ended on time, although it was 15 minutes shy of the 6.0 hours that are in the rules and in every post that gives round times.

Definitely agree that in each round, only the last 10-20 minutes and number of Megas and super Attacks count…


Idea vs execution - the fight pits event has various features that have been asked after, such as actually stealing points and being round based vs stealing accumulated points. Rich teams are always going to win. The timer issue and lost attacks (unwanted issue from Gauntlet, possibly for a different reason) definitely need to be fixed, though.

Of the half dozen boycott calls (or more), only the one from May 2017 has actually resulted in enough coordination to have an impact and had an article written XD.

Edit: I do agree that mega coins make it discouraging, though. All that effort lost -> lack of interest in participation -> less of a need for mega coins, though that won’t matter for some sub-leagues, it seems.


Oh yeah, sorry. I don’t agree with the boycott idea. It won’t fix anything, especially if you can’t stop people from spending, which you won’t. There’s shiny new dragons and stuff to buy.


Exactly what happened in our league - my team bounced between #15 and #1 in the last 15 mins. All because others were spamming megas around - either on us or other teams. We didn’t use a mega, ended up in #11. We were coordinated, focused and strategic - but even with that we couldn’t compete vs teams using megas.

@Arelyna @Pixxel look, I work in Strategy, with specialty in pricing - I know how the numbers will work for you as a business so I understand the decision. But in the medium term this is going to hurt the game as people get more and more disinterested in the game. PvP events make up ~50% of all events in the game. With your player base being turned off by 50% of events, that will bite your bottom line sooner or later.

Please consider the various suggestions such as:

  • Only allowing one mega per round per player (you still make $$$!!!)
  • Only allowing megas to be used on non-player bases during the Gauntlet event
  • Disallow use of megas in the last 15 mins of rounds

Please please please make this work for both your high spenders and your low spenders.


PG finally designed an event around mega coins, and penalizes your team if you try to put in regular attacks. Yet another terrible idea from PG.


Umm! My clocks aren’t offset. They are the same. Probably why I am confused about the 15 minute difference being mentioned.


Hmm…the two major issues I have seen with events. The mega coin lately that potentially gets everything done at the end of a round and the fact that pretty much all events are essentially the same thing re-skinned over and over. You use consumables(inner fire and energy) to attack the same bases over and over. They really have no new real concept, its just the same thing wrapped in a slightly different box.


If they made the event so that all individual scores on a team add up to the team total then it should remove most objections to the megas. Then it becomes more like a race - whoever gets the furthest wins.

Obviously cannot be applied to events like tug of war, but why they had to use that mechanic for this event I have no idea.


Agree that this event is built around the mega coin. The strategy on winning relies on using mega attacks correctly.


I can’t speak for everyone but I completely disdain the direction of the game. When the entire need for skill or fun gets taken out and it gets boiled down to the same event over and over and where the biggest determining factor is what is spent, that is definitely when it is time to quit the game. I don’t think PG sees it or frankly cares, but they spent years building a player base who came because the game wasn’t just about that and in a relatively short time have shown that is the new direction. Sadly, there isnt really a game out there quite like this one so not sure what the majority of these players will do but more than anything its sad to see, I am sure the response from their end will be a resounding meh.


Lol is their a wrong way to use a mega coin my guild went from second to th bottom of the list in one of my attacks so 2mins for a mega coin fat wallet guild to destroy all our guilds work. And yes we waited and coordinated ourselves to all tack near the end of round


How about making this event points only adding up and no stealing?
This should at least will not demolish the effort of first 5hrs in event. I really hate that points I have earned whenever I could play contributes nothing to the team because of this crappy game system.


Yes 100% you have the concept of the round wrong. You cannot sit in the number 1 or 2 position and not expect to be steam rolled at the end of the round. Try sitting further down, be as inconspicuous as possible, and launch a flurry of well coordinated attacks with good timing against strategically chosen teams in order to ensure you are in the top X positions. You don’t need to come second, you just can’t come in the red section


I agree with most of your concerns but i would distinguish events from the main game. For main game i mean the fun part that i still like, in other words collecting eggs, breeding, improving the base layout and above all wars. I recognize that events became more important as divines dragons would be unavoidable for medium levels players (from 150 to 300 more or less) to be effective in war attacks but you know better than me that no money could ever buy the skills needed for flying drags and the strategic ability of a war leader. So, to conclude, long life to such money maker events if necessary to keep alive the rest of this game.


You can’t be strategic when it takes 1 att at last min from a mega coin to undo all your work the only good strategy is to coin


Also I did not say we were sitting in the top spot we were in the top spot with 5min to go and ended last because one team who had many coiners attacked us we went from 79k points to 54k in 2mins so that left us 3mins to try and get back up high we missed out on bye 2k points


100 % agreed its time to quit the game


They aren’t offset like I’ve circled?


Mechanegg I agree with you. This is silly to have massive swings in rankings all around. I feel this is more like a lottery than a competition.

Yes the timers are off by 15 min.