Fighting over krelos song

I said Danger Zone by kenny loggins

Few others agreed

Others saying can’t touch this by mc hammer

Which song is best suited for this speed demon dragon

I would say…

C: “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC. :white_check_mark: :wink: :+1:


HELL YEAH! THAT IS MY GO TO KRELOS SONG!!! Your suggestion rocks!

Kerlos is honestly the beat dragon in game right now. Not the strongest but the best!


Astronomia :eyes:
Wrong timing, and …

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Should I hire four guys for u now or?

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I’m gonna say still danger zone

Teammate says cake
“He’s going the distance, he’s going for speed”


Look at the video if danger zone isn’t that speed?

I prefer this . Just swap out snail for dragon😂

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While you playing PG might see your comment don’t be surprised if they make a snail dragon now

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Name it Turbo! Super Nitro charged dragon, Hunter on par with krelos’s speed.
I think it will be safe to say such a hunter will absolutely be op right?

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Nah, speed goes along well with only sorcerors due to their AOE spells. But if you have sorceror spell in hunter dragons, then hell yeah it is!


I been waiting on dungeons so I can make my video

All hell breaks loose by the misfits
1:49 secs lmao just about as long as it takes to run an invader with him.

Initially I thought MC Hammer is Krelos song but after I’ve finally flown him with my sound on - his attacks have guitar riffs which makes Danger Zone suit him better

Can’t touch This should be Zen’s theme - Hit the rewind moment for every "can’t touch this’

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Lightning towers still hit krelos and beam attacks for those that don’t know when he vulnerable even through his super speed they still hit him

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