Fighting pits broken

Attacks are not counting towards points…

Are you hitting a team with zero VP hoping to make some VP appear from thin air?

Just curious because our members tried to do this earlier with not great success either :grin:

I didn’t even know that was possible, never seen a team with 0 vp in a round lol

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Who are ya’ll bullying??? :crazy_face:

Oh in some leagues there are teams that absolutely wipe teams off the face of the earth.

When tetsu was on Harlem420 they wiped two other teams points in the top tier pit.
Lethal Descent did the same last fight pit.
All the D1 teams wiped 4 or 5 teams in the first round.

So it certainly happens lol

There’s a religiously named team in our Plat IV league that was wiped down to zero. It made me think of this thread:


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I’m attacking teams with VP but it not counting

Hope you are not on the other side of the coin.