File size for war dragons


Hey so since update 4.70 my game has been almost unplayable. I beginning to wonder if it is just a problem with my device vs the total space war dragons needs to run. During the initial 4.61 test update the total app size was around 400mb and my game mever ran better. When 4.70 came out it spiked to almost 1.8 GB. Now since 4.71 it sits at .93 GB. I was hoping some tech savvy person could either confirm my suspicions or tell me i have no clue what I’m talking about :joy:. I’m not great with this kind of stuff by any means


Now that you mentioned, I checked mine on LG G7 ThinQ

It was deleted and re-downloaded after the update, and since this event began, it acts funny… It may not be a bad idea to delete game data and let it download the necessary files again.


How much available space do you have on your phone? Just curious.

Edit: it seems your phone is quite a bit newer than mine as well :thinking:


It was released in May if I’m not mistaken.


Yeah you have way more available space than i do :rofl:. Looks like its time to upgrade for me


@xSovereigntyx any chance you would be able to give some insight into this? Sorry for tagging you i just know you are extremely tech savvy :rofl:


What affects the performance more is the RAM and the CPU. According to support one needs 2GB free space on internal storage - you fulfill that requirement.

If your phone comes with 2GB then it’s likely to cause issues, the game requires 3GB at least to run well (I had 2 on my tab - disaster and 3 on my former phone, which still handles my alt quite well, even on high def)


You have no idea how big these apps can get… my line app once reached 5gb and it would crash if I tried deleting any chats :joy: so I started periodically deleting and reinstalling some apps… but getting an android phone fixed that


I was having trouble and lowered the graphics for the game to medium and the play has been fine. It just looks bad if you are used to the high quality


@BoH8sPg by your OP that screenshot you show is quite normal. The later screenshot just shows you have quite a but more “stuff” that if you install a micro SD card you could move over there.

Memory usage is not quite related to storage in mobile devices. Clearing cache as support always likes to say really is rarely the solution.

I’ll read more of this thread in a little while to get more info. Or if you’d like to reiterate the gist in a single post below I may be able to discern.

The difference you’re seeing is likely due to them recompressing textures for the last update. If you have Atlas that would be something that would require more textures/overlays.

I just happened to see this as I was perusing my open tabs. If anything I said is unclear let me know. I will check back when I have a bit more free time.



Actually i am just wondering if perhaps it’s just a problem with my device not being fast enough anymore to run this game. Maybe that’s why i am having such a hard time no matter how I’m connected to the internet.

Thanks a bunch for taking time to look at my terrible explanation :rofl:


I don’t think you ever mentioned which device you’re using


My apologies. Galaxy s7 edge


Now that is odd, almost the same specs as my G5 (phone for alt), which runs the game just fine.


I use the S8 which is fine except for the memory leak that plagues Android to this day… although unrelated to your OP


You may want to clear cache, then clear data, then uninstall, then reboot, then reinstall…

If you know how to clear Dalvik cache I’d do that too before reinstall but probably not necessary.

Just make sure you know all of your account info


K I’ll give it a shot. Will post back in the morning. Thanks for all your help :metal:


I’ll check back when I can


Ok i followed the steps you recommended this morning. Except for clearing dalvik bc i couldn’t figure out how to do that. Unfortunately it runs the same as before. Could this be a problem though. Seems like i remember someone mentioning 2 gb of ram minimum for the game to run properly. Could be mistaken


Yes, 2GB as TOTAL seems to be not enough, whereas you have 4GB, which is sufficient.