Files being downloaded



Hi I have this lasting problem that is really getting on me nuts. I wanted to ask if anybody else is experiencing that the game needs to download files for e.g. klicking on atlas, attacking in atlas or just regular attacks, etc. Every day?

If yes how do I get rid of that’s, I’m already starting to bald I’m fearing :triumph:

Thanks in advance for the replies


same here, ever since last app update, i keep downloading files almost every attack and atlas launch


Post #999 of the same thing with nearly the same description of the same problem :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


Are you on IOS? If yes, then you need to check your available phone storage. Basically a 2GB free storage is ok, but to make sure, you would need to free it up to 3GB.

That’s what I experience. I dunno if that’s not the case on your end.


Every hour or so when I get on I have to re download all the files for atlas and attacks and all my dragon sprites and portraits


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